SAMK receives almost one million euros in funding for indoor hygiene research

The Ministry of Education and Culture has granted universities of applied sciences five million euros in funding for seven research projects based on an assessment by the evaluation panel. SAMK's research project Healthier life with comprehensive indoor hygiene concept received funding of approximately EUR 628,000. SAMK also invests its own funding of EUR 270,000 in this research.

22.11.2021 | By: SAMK | Photo: Pixmac

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For the past ten years, SAMK's hygiene researchers have been researching and developing a comprehensive solution for indoor environments to design and build healthier indoor environments. New antimicrobial technologies have been used in the research to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In practice, new solutions killing or preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses are being developed for contact surfaces, indoor air and water systems.

- The importance of antimicrobial solutions has increased significantly with the pandemic. The hygiene concept we have developed can now be extended with machine vision, monitoring and data analytics solutions. Our goal is to verify the impact of technological hygiene solutions on morbidity, in other words, the reduction of sick leaves in practice, says Martti Latva, Research Manager, about the use of the funding received.

SAMK’s Vice President of Research, Cimmo Nurmi, is excited about receiving funding.

- There is fierce competition between universities for this funding. At the same time, this is strong evidence of our ability to combine hygiene expertise and technology expertise. It is also gratifying to include top experts from Satasairaala Hospital in the research.

Further information:

Martti Latva, Reasearch Manager, +358 44 710 3060

Cimmo Nurmi, Vice President for Research, +358 44 710 3371

22.11.2021 | By: SAMK | Photo: Pixmac

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