SAMK ranked number one in the quality of teaching in Finland

Graduate students have evaluated the quality of teaching at SAMK as the best of all the universities of applied sciences in Finland. The fact is revealed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture AVOP survey (University of applied sciences graduand feedback questionnaire), where graduating students are requested to evaluate and provide feedback on their education.

11.3.2020 | By: Jani Wahlman | Photo: Veera Korhonen

Students with lecturer at the SAMK-campus Rauma.

Senior Lecturer Arto Keskinen guiding Business Administration students in Rauma.

– The feedback given by the students is important, and we have tried to take the student´s perspective into consideration in all of our operations. That is why I really appreciate the students´ evaluation on the quality of education at SAMK, says Jari Multisilta, the Managing Director and President of SAMK.

The high quality of education is created by the expertise of teachers, researchers and other personnel as well as modern working and learning environments. Pedagogical development has also been emphasized at SAMK.

SAMK excels also at students finding employment

Besides high quality education, SAMK also excels at graduates finding employment. According to Statistics Finland, during the last ten years SAMK graduates have been employed the best in the category of universities of applied sciences located outside the metropolitan area.

– I believe that SAMK graduates are versatile experts for companies and organizations. One of the tasks of SAMK is to provide competence for the working life, and our success in AVOP survey is a clear indicator that we have succeeded in this brilliantly, Jari Multisilta tells us.

AVOP is a UAS feedback questionnaire asking graduating students to evaluate and provide feedback on their education. The findings are used locally by institutions to improve their practices, and nationally to inform performance-based monitoring and funding. All graduating degree students from universities of applied sciences are requested to fill out the questionnaire.

SAMK is a multi-disciplinary and international higher education establishment with approximately 6,000 students and 400 employees. The vision of SAMK is that all our students will be employed.

Statistical source Vipunen- Education Statistics Finland :

For more information, contact:
Jari Multisilta, Managing Director and President of SAMK
Tel. 044 710 3410

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