SAMK passed FINEEC’s audit

SAMK successfully passed an audit carried out by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC). The audit team praised SAMK for its high-impact activities in the region, the systematic and comprehensive nature of its quality system, and its curriculum work that promotes equality and working life relevance.

17.3.2022 | By: FINEEC’s media release | Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

Sininen abstrakti kuva, jossa vaaleita viivoja/

SAMK has a strong influence and is a driving force of working life and education as well as research, development and innovation (RDI) in its region.

– Its activities show a strong desire to serve the region’s companies as well as the public sector by participating in various innovation platforms and ecosystems of research, product development and education that generate expertise, says the chair of the audit team Heidi Ahokallio-Leppälä, Vice President of Häme University of Applied Sciences.

SAMK has launched determined efforts to develop knowledge-based management. Diverse information about the external operating environment and stakeholders’ needs and expectations are produced to support management. The organisation also systematically monitors the achievement of its goals. The information produced by knowledge-based management at SAMK is currently compiled in different systems. This practice is considered fragmented, and it is to some extent challenging for the personnel to find the information they need. Consequently, SAMK should develop its knowledge-based management as a whole to ensure that the completed reports are targeted more accurately at different personnel groups.

Information from the quality system is used in SAMK’s work and management

SAMK’s quality system is systematic and comprehensive, and the information produced by it is used diversely in the UAS’s work and management.

– The personnel are deeply invested in maintaining a goal-oriented quality culture, and the quality work finds a concrete expression in the daily life of the personnel as codes of practice, in particular, which the personnel experience as an effective set of instructions guiding their work. The audit team considers the quality system could be developed further to support an increasingly experimental and innovative operating culture, says Ahokallio-Leppälä.

SAMK invests diversely in developing personnel competence. Competence development supports strategy implementation and practical work. Well-being at work is also monitored regularly and actions have been taken to improve it.

17.3.2022 | By: FINEEC’s media release | Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

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