SAMK is celebrating its 30th anniversary – The President received a ceremonial chain

Jari Multisilta, the Managing Director, President of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK), received a ceremonial chain designed by goldsmith and designer Assi Arnimaa-Leinonen. Arnimaa-Leinonen is known for her diamond rings and silver jewelry.

22.10.2021 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Marius Tikkanen


Jari Multisilta, the Managing Director, President of SAMK wearing the ceremonial chain, with Pekka Ekberg, chairman of Satakunta Chamber of Commerce. The ceremonial chain was presented during a steering committee meeting of Satakunta Chamber of Commerce.

This is the first time a ceremonial chain is presented in the history of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. This event marks the start for the 30th anniversary celebrations that will be taking place next year. SAMK wants to create new traditions during this year of celebrations. 

The designing process for the ceremonial chain began in April of 2020. SAMK wished for a modern and simple design for the chain. It was important for the design to include the SAMK logo and reflect its history of origin. 

Silver was chosen at an early stage for its modern and distinguished look. 

– On one hand, we preferred a modern ceremonial chain, its design inspired by the future. On the other hand, our desire was to create a new tradition. Also, we would like to see the chain used often in the future, says Pekka Ekberg, the chairman of Satakunta Chamber of Commerce. 

– Satakunta Chamber of Commerce decided to donate a ceremonial chain to Satakunta University of Applied Sciences as a symbol of their highly valued, important cooperation. SAMK prepares experts for the future, he continues. 

Designer Assi Arnimaa-Leinonen explains that the visual atmosphere of SAMK and the logo are very minimalistic. For this reason, Arnimaa-Leinonen decided to base the design on simplicity. A ceremonial chain as such, is a very traditional object but this version is fresh and modern.  

– I created a kind of three-dimensional pattern from the elements of SAMK logo. Their logo communicates the aspiration of moving forward and developing. The form of the chain is universal, it suits the SAMK’s profile and doesn’t emphasize any individual faculty, Arnimaa-Leinonen describes. 

Minna Nore, the CEO of Satakunta Chamber of Commerce, and its chair, Pekka Ekberg, donated the ceremonial chain to the Managing Director, President Jari Multisilta during a meeting of Chamber of Commerce.

Satakunnan kauppakamarin toimitusjohtaja Minna Nore asettaa rehtori Jari Multisillalle hopeakäädyt

About the designer

The Ceremonial chain was designed by Assi Arnimaa-Leinonen. The logo of SAMK and its simple visual look inspired the designer. Silver was chosen for the material since it creates a modern and distinguished look. 

Photo: The CEO of Satakunta Chamber of Commerce Minna Nore passing the ceremonial chain to Jari Multisilta, the CEO and principal of SAMK.

22.10.2021 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Marius Tikkanen

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