How is it going, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, 30 years of age?

In 2022, SAMK celebrates its 30th anniversary. In this interview, President and Managing Director of SAMK Jari Multisilta talks about the journey of the university till the present day.

2.3.2022 | By: Jani Wahlman | Photo: Veera Korhonen

SAMKin Rehtori Jari Multisilta käädyt kaulassa Porin kampuksella
President and Managing Director of SAMK Jari Multisilta with a ceremonial chain, which was introduced on the eve of the 30th anniversary.

SAMK's 30-year journey has been a time of intense advancement for the entire UAS system alongside the development of the dual structure, i.e. the coexistence of universities of applied sciences and universities. Universities of applied sciences have a statutory mission to serve the industrial and commercial activities of their region.

– SAMK is profiled as an industrial higher university institution. The profile has been built directly on the needs of the region – Satakunta is known as a strong industrial region, says Multisilta.

At times, SAMK's journey has been financially challenging, but at the same time a period of significant growth and development.

– Under my predecessor, we witnessed strong development of learning environments, such as the maritime simulator in Rauma and the new SAMK Campus Pori with its truly modern facilities.

SAMK has been a pioneer in the world of higher education in the field of online learning and online learning environments.

– Our teachers have excellent skills in online teaching.

SAMK's role has not changed enormously along the way, but new dimensions have been added.

– Our role is to attract more and more international degree students and we aim at encouraging them to stay and work in the region. SAMK wants to bring and create skills to the region.

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences today

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, SAMK has managed well, for example in terms of graduation statistics.

– Supporting students’ graduation in these exceptional circumstances has, of course, been challenging.

Multisilta sees SAMK today as a dynamic and youthful university of applied sciences in good shape.

– Nevertheless, we must remember to be agile and active.

Multisilta took over the leadership of SAMK in September 2018. The highlights of his term as President include feedback from both students and corporate life.

– SAMK graduates highly value our teaching, and at the same time, we are appreciated by corporate life. The good feedback received from both students and businesses is a highlight of my every morning.

Thinking future

The next 10 years will see big things on SAMK's journey. First of all, there is the Digivisio project, in which Finnish universities are working together to build digital working environments, and secondly, there is the carbon neutrality target for 2030.

– In all areas, we need to think about how we act in line with sustainable development and how we take carbon handprint issues forward.

Attracting and keeping international students in Satakunta is also becoming increasingly important.

– The field is diverse. Young people in Satakunta have to be offered the opportunity for full-time studying at a university. At the same time, we must continue to ensure that there are continuing education courses needed by the working life of the region.

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