RoboAI week moved online

The most exciting technology event in the autumn, the RoboAI week, has been decided to be organized completely online due to a worsened coronavirus situation.

2.9.2020 | By: Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Kuvapankki

Smiling caregiver visiting happy, sick child in the health center

The FinDrones2020 conference on Thursday 12 November will be organized by a large number of drone experts from several different organizations. The Pori Unit of Tampere University is in charge of the event in collaboration with Robocoast and RoboAI of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. The Welfare Technology Fair on Monday and Tuesday 9-10 November will be organized by the Satakunta DigiHealth project, carried out by Prizztech Ltd, Sataedu, SAMK, Tampere University and WinNova plus a project called Future hospital as innovation platform, which is implemented by SAMK and Satasairaala. The projects are funded by the Regional Council of Satakunta (European Regional Development Fund) together with the regional municipalities.


– The situation has its positive sides. Even though the fair stands and networking between the visitors are difficult to arrange online, keeping it all online gives more people a possibility to participate in the event, either from work, one’s own home office or sofa, Petteri Pulkkinen, Research Director of RoboAi tells us.

The most part of the events, seminars and conferences during the week will be organized as live webinars, but a part also as videos recorded beforehand. The situation gives the experts in RoboAI technology an opportunity to innovate also alternative ways to participate, e.g. virtual workshops and tours around the campus.

The schedules and contents of the RoboAI week will be updated in September-October, paying attention to the possibilities and limitations regarding an online event. Registration to the event starts in September and the registered will receive links to the webinars and other online events through email.


The keynote presenters, among others, are:

  • Linda Liukas speaker, author and coder
  • Pekko Vehviläinen visionary of utilization of health technology and leading Finnish expert in digital health services
  • Iiro Uusitalo white hat hacker and expert in Finnish data security
  • Taneli Tikka serial entrepreneur, innovation director and promoter of technology



Have a look at the web pages and schedule: (Only in Finnish)

Further information:

Petteri Pulkkinen, Research Director of RoboAI
tel. 044 710 3296

Petra O’Rourke, Planning Officer for Communications and Marketing
tel. 044 710 3918



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