RoboAI supports technological development in Satakunta

SAMK introduces a novel RoboAI entity, which focuses on the RDI and education activities in the fields of automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and welfare technology.

20.5.2019 | By: Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Petra O'Rourke

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RoboAi functions as a global innovation platform for research and development as well as education and competence. The centre of RoboAI is the joint use laboratory of SAMK Campus Pori. RoboAI is led by Research Director Petteri Pulkkinen who has a team of 20 experts working in the fields of automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and welfare technology. In addition, the Data Analytics and Optimization Research Group of the University of Tampere is involved in the activities of RoboAI.

The research and development centre of RoboAI offers companies product development services connected to technology and start-up services to students and budding entrepreneurs. The service package offered can be for example a project of experts, rent a device – service or a joint project supported by financing.

Concrete results: more competitiveness and experts

The RoboAI bear logo was designed by Robotics Academy student Marko Hakanpää.


– RoboAI promotes making new technologies better known by functioning as a neutral test environment and a product development unit for the enterprises in the region. A good example of this is the Indego exoskeleton rehabilitation robot that will be utilized in future in physiotherapist education and several projects but also as an innovation tool for future engineers, Pulkkinen tells us.

RoboAI provides also retraining and upgrading of qualifications and further education as well as promotes knowledge about technology among children and adolescents and encourages applying for the field of technology. Robotics Academy and AI Academy that will start its operations in the autumn are both expert incubators. The aim of RoboAI is to support the growth of technology industry and enterprises in the region, to increase competitiveness and create a solid basis for technological digitalization.

Several projects support the functioning of RoboAI. The most significant of these is RoboCoast R&D Centre project, which is a joint project between SAMK and the University of Tampere and funded by the Regional Council of Satakunta.



The opening ceremonies of RoboAI take place in the joint use laboratory of SAMK Campus Pori on Fri 7 June at 12 – 3 pm. The visitors have a possibility to get to know the activities of RoboAI and the joint use laboratory, guided by experts: robots, virtual reality glasses, 3D printers and the latest investment of RoboAI R& D Centre, i.e. Exoskeleton rehabilitation robot will all be displayed. Register for the opening ceremony by 4 June.

The electronic invitation to the opening ceremonies (in Finnish)


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