Presidential delegation from China visited SAMK – cooperation with China will be extended

Wide interest in China for the provision of study opportunities offered at SAMK: a delegation of over 50 participants from China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE) and higher education institutions visited SAMK at the end of August.

2.9.2019 | By: Aino Pelto-Huikko | Photo: Elina Valkama, Anne Sankari

Higher education presidential delegation from China in Yyteri Finland, group photo.
Dlegaatio ryhmäkuvassa Yyterissä. | Delegation and hosts in Yyteri, Pori.

SAMK received high-level visitors from China interested in education when a group of over 50 people arrived in Pori on 27 August, led by Director Kai Yin from China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE).

The education offered by SAMK has created interest widely in different fields. A memorandum of understanding was now signed with nine higher education institutions.

On 26 August, The Rectors´ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene and China Center for International Educational  Exchange (CCIEE) signed a China-Finland Talented Development Project framework agreement in Helsinki. The agreement strengthens the possibilities for diversification of cooperation. The starting point for this cooperation was the meeting between the Presidents of China and Finland in January 2019.

Kai Yin from CCIEE, portrait

Kai Yin

– SAMK and Changzhou University have been successfully cooperating already for years. Now the aim is to deepen and widen the cooperation. We have already a 1 + 2 + 1 model in use in Nursing education. We will also add short-term, one semester student exchanges, Kai Yin tells us.

Model 1 + 2 + 1 is a form of education for Chinese students, where the first and the last year are studied in China and two years in Finland.

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