Our Students Will Be Employed: A SAMK Degree Completed from Dubai Helped Adrienn Irmálos Find a Job of Her Dreams in Barcelona

The Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Master’s Degree Programme on Business Administration focuses on company administration and entrepreneurship. The Degree Programme’s full name is Business Management and Entrepreneurship (BME). The programme is very suitable for international students since 90 % of the studies are completed online. During an Academic year there are usually four or five contact classes at Rauma Campus.

10.2.2022 | By: Veera Iisakkala | Photo: Elina Valkama, Adrienn Irmalós

Dubai Creek

Adrienn studied her Master's Degree in Business Management mainly online while living in Dubai.

Adrienn Irmálos has lived and worked in Dubai for the last 10 years, in communications, marketing and managing activities and operations. Before she moved to Dubai, she had finished her studies at Budapest Business School. Adrienn found company administration interesting, so she wanted to study in a Master’s programme online. She searched information on different schools in Nordic countries before choosing SAMK. Adrienn describes the degree programme complete and challenging enough.

– My knowledge about company management has increased significantly. I have discovered my latent talents and thought what is it that I really would like to do in future.

Degrees from SAMK follow closely the needs of the job market

Adrienn had worked for 10 years before starting to study in the programme, so it took some time for her to get used to studying. She was a bit scared of the final thesis. However, she found out that structured assignments and exercises done during classes and clear guidance and counselling helped her. Adrienn improved her language and data search skills.

– Course contents and teaching really prepared me for the thesis. I think that the methods used were a good way to first strengthen students’ self-confidence with different assignments. Then, later they are ready to write a complete final thesis.

Courses offer an up-to-date training and a wide range of exercises preparing students for real jobs. Ms Riitta Blue, lecturer in logistics and marine technology, comments:

– Degrees from SAMK, also the BME degree, are all closely following the needs of the job market. We also try to do our best in guiding students to write the final thesis, which is an essential part of their degree.

Both independent and group work are practiced during the studies. Lecturer Riitta Blue says the ratio differs from one course to another.

– At many workplaces plans and decisions are drafted in teams and working groups, so we use teamwork method in BME studies. On the other hand, independent working skills are useful when studying different background materials and sources. The study plan is based on initial individual work which is later shared with the team.

Adrienn confirms that there were a lot of teamwork during BME studies. She finds this very useful from the professional perspective:

–  In real life it's very rare that you would work alone.

There are also several courses that prepare students for entrepreneurship, adds Adrienn. The degree serves the interest of those working in companies, those who already have their own company and those who would like to set up one.

Practical learning

What was the most interesting part of your BME studies? Adrienn picks up two events she remembers the best. The first is CESIM company simulation done in groups during the first semester.

– We were asked to steer the company and influence the market by making different decisions. This was a great experience. The skills I learnt will certainly help me at my future work.

Second highlight of the degree was her favorite, Business Processes and Activity Based Management.

– This was quite a demanding course. I needed a lot of time to do all the assignments, but I learnt a lot and fast. I discovered my own strengths in the process. In addition, I also got an idea for my final thesis.

BME studies are mostly organized online, but there are a few contact days. Adrienn liked contact classes before Covid pandemic. During the pandemic all courses were online. Is it possible to complete the studies fully online also in the future? Lecturer Riitta Blue answers:

– Covid pandemic forced us to teach everything online. The transfer went flexibly, and the feedback has been positive. So, based on this experience, at this stage it seems to be so. Most of our students in the degree programme are working at the same time, so online courses suit them well.

Business administration studies are based on practical methods and students draw also from their previous work experience. So, it is only beneficial if you work at the same time. Adrienn thanks SAMK teachers.

All the teachers I have met are experts in their field. They have been helpful and flexible.

The family business became the topic of the thesis

You were afraid of the final thesis. Now it is time for the thesis, and you are more confident. What is the topic of your thesis?

– The choice of the topic was clear for me already at the beginning of the second study year. Then, during one course, I was inspired to develop my family’s business. In my final thesis I am researching which enterprise resource planning system would be the best for their organization and I will recommend some options for them. My thesis will help them understand and get a clear picture of different elements in their industry. My family’s organization has not used any enterprise resource planning systems until now. They also lack a complete and thorough view on their operational processes.

Theses written during BME studies benefit the author, the scope and the mandator. These final essays are very often mandated by companies, as in Adrienn’s case. The thesis process includes a development task with which students demonstrate their expertise required in changing work environment.

Would you recommend SAMK and Business Management and Entrepreneurship degree programme for others interested in a Master’s degree in Business Administration?

– Definitely. Based on my experience SAMK is a great University of Applied Sciences. Teaching is professional and studying there is convenient and nice. I have also noticed that the personnel genuinely care for students and thinks of their best.

Why study in this programme? What skills does this programme provide students with? Lecturer Riitta Blue:

– Business Management and Entrepreneurship is a degree inspired by job market. It combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Students deepen the expertise needed on the job market and improve their options for promotions. With this degree students are eligible for different manager and expert roles. They are eligible also for public administration roles with the same qualifications given by any University. Majority of our students find a job immediately after graduation.

"SAMK makes dreams come true"

After this interview Adrienn has moved from Dubai to Barcelona. She was recruited there by an international technology company. She thanks SAMK for her great success in the job interview.

– The last stage of my interview process was to prepare an analysis and a presentation about a real-life business situation. I used the skills I learnt at SAMK. The interviewers were pleased with my analysis, they even presented it to the whole organization. I was recruited in this American company to work remotely. Now I live in Barcelona, I’m enjoying the Spanish culture here. Thanks to my degree I got a dream job! I will always recommend SAMK degree programmes. SAMK makes dreams come true!

Interested in Business Management and Entrepreneurship degree programme?

Next application period: 17 August – 14 September 2022
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Adrienn Irmalós

Adrienn Irmalós

  • From Hungary
  • Studies a Master's Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at SAMK
  • Studied her degree mainly remotely from Dubai
  • Has moved to Barcelona and works remotely for an American technology company

10.2.2022 | By: Veera Iisakkala | Photo: Elina Valkama, Adrienn Irmalós

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