Observing the exceptional spring by means of graphic arts – students´ works of art on display as an online exhibition

Students of Fine Arts were just about to start their Graphic Arts workshop course when the limitations set by the coronavirus pandemic began. Senior Lecturer Tomas Regan had to change the course quickly to an online implementation.

29.4.2020 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Chillit

Graphic drawings.

Students did all kinds of work during the Graphics Art workshop course. Screenshot from the pages of the online exhibition.

According to Tomas Regan a quick, total transfer to online platform was quite dizzying but went surprisingly smoothly in the end.

– We solved the issue by choosing documentary drawing as the subject. The course was implemented on a Teams group. Drawing is the Thing in graphic arts. Observing this strange spring by drawing felt very natural, and even a necessary subject for the course.

The students documented their surroundings and working process for four weeks. The course dealt with such topics as documentarism in fine arts, properties of observation, patterns of drawing and the role of drawing in fine arts.

The idea of an online exhibition was to bring to the course a realistic work project to get some correspondence to working life.

At the end of the course, an exhibition was composed of the works of art on a temporary online gallery.

– Everyone could choose the most interesting pieces of their own work to the exhibition. The idea of an online exhibition was to bring to the course a realistic work project to get some correspondence to working life.

– It was stimulating to notice that the students worked actively and there was real development to be seen in their working processes. The exhibition became a presentable package. It is also a mini lecture on documentary drawing.

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