New brochure in Russian

SAMK offers 9 Bachelor's and 4 Master's Degree Programmes in English. Now our brochure is available also in Russian.

29.1.2020 | By: Elina Valkama

29.1.2020 | By: Elina Valkama

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Yvonne from Cameroon studies to be nurse – with a job already waiting

Yvonne Ewane started her nursing studies in SAMK in August 2017, which means that she has two and a half years of studies behind her. At the moment she is working as a nurse in the acute geriatric ward in Turku and meanwhile completes the advanced clinical practice included in her studies.
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New experiences in store for exchange students

Sanni Jaakkola, 21, who studies in the degree programme of International Business for the third year, spent autumn 2019 in the capital of Spain, Madrid, at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Besides studying, Sanni also had time to travel when doing student exchange.

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