SAMK’s president Multisilta: What hasn´t changed?

Who wouldn´t have heard that the world is changing. However, we could consider what hasn´t changed around us – something that doesn´t represent stagnation, but is rather of established and tried-and-tested nature, writes Jari Multisilta, President and Managing Director of SAMK, in the editorial of Agora annual report.

15.4.2019 | By: Jari Multisilta | Photo: Veera Korhonen

Jari Multisilta

Jari Multisilta

Who wouldn´t have heard that the world is changing. Digitalization changes services and the society all the time. However, it might be good to consider what hasn´t changed around us. In my opinion, the counterweight of change is not stagnation but something that is established, tried-and-tested, or things like natural laws that haven´t changed.

One thing that hasn´t changed is the fundamental task of university of applied sciences.

One thing that hasn´t changed is the fundamental task of university of applied sciences. We exist in order to offer the students a possibility to learn new and to develop. Studying gives building blocks for a good life and strengthens the competence of companies and organizations in the region.

Learning hasn´t changed either. Learning takes place in the human mind and requires working, studying. New methods, such as online studies, can be used in studying but the expertise of the teacher still plays an essential role. At its best test, the teacher supports and guides the student in the learning process in a way that takes the student into account as an individual learner.

The task of SAMK hasn´t changed

The task of SAMK hasn´t changed. We produce experts and competence for the region. I am proud to say that our students have evaluated our tuition as high-class – long-term statistics show that SAMK is one of the most high-quality universities of applied sciences in Finland.

The students of SAMK also find employment well. According to Statistics Finland, SAMK graduates are the best employed among university of applied sciences graduates outside the metropolitan area. I´m excited about getting the possibility to realize our fundamental task together with all the personnel of SAMK.

Jari Multisilta
President, Managing Director

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