Monthly image: Unknown Pieces – Water and Sky by Mikael Korkee

I work and live in Pori. Day by day I become more and more rooted, new places of the heart are born near and far, something that I´m proud to present for the whole world.  The beginning in all of my art and the cradle for my creativity is water. Pori by the sea plays a powerful part in my mindscape. The pieces of my ego are gathered from there. I´m collecting a story, where sculpture and poetry walk hand in hand, writes artist Mikael Korkee.

27.4.2019 | By: Mikael Korkee | Photo: Mikael Korkee

KuukaudenKuva MikaelKorkee Tuntemattomat Vesi Ja Taivas Netti

Mikael Korkee: Unknown Pieces – Water and Sky, Technique/work material: seaweed and steel chain, Water 140 x 120 x 140 cm, Sky 100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm, 2018

I mostly use natural materials in my sculptures, especially the sea offers me most of the materials for my work of arts. Seaweed, driftwood, fish skin, mussels. My hobby underwater fishing has been a gateway to the world of these materials. The fish caught by underwater fishing becomes a part of my work as tanned fish skin. I gather seaweed and driftwood from the sea, as if reaping the harvest from my mindscape. The time spent in the sea creates space in my mind and makes possible the emergence of new ideas and works. I don´t feel I´m creating anything new in my art, I rather strengthen something old. Something that a human being has carried along since the beginning. Now is the time to rediscover it.

I gather seaweed and driftwood from the sea, as if reaping the harvest from my mindscape.

Poetry is connected to my sculptures and expresses itself as an inner language. The poems help the spectator to see the works of art from the artist´s perspective, in an autobiographic form. In my poems, I bring out nature and humanity and connection to something greater. They include deeds, wonder, beauty, friendship, requests, begging, understanding, the limitedness of understanding, weakness, power, thankfulness, courage, praise, wisdom, stupidity, madness, grace, testimony, spirituality, faith, hope, charity and especially love.

My art has been appreciated for its simplicity, which for me is a great sign of respect and a recognition of my work because I want to touch people with my art and have something in common with those travelling the roads. I hope my works of art could be regarded as gifts that touch the people, they make you wonder and give hope.

At the moment I´m planning a residency working journey to Iceland. I´d like to take a piece of Finland there and bring back home another piece. To get and to share the richness of mind, whether light or dark. After my travels to Norway, my mind has fastened on waterways in the scenery, as always, but also on mountains. There´s something grand and serene in them, something where a human´s life is only a gentle whisper that is pressed eternally in its love to the memory of the Earth.


Mikael Korkee was born in Pori in 1991 and and he graduated from the Degree Programme in Fine Arts in  Kankaanpää in 2017.

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