Monthly image The Best Song Ever by Einari Hyvönen

– With the themes of my art I participate in social debate on current issues, and the importance of the internet and digitalization as an essential part of our everyday life. The humour in my works is depicted by laughing through the tears, a bit like Face with Tears of Joy emoji added to Oxford English Dictionary, writes Einari Hyvönen.

5.6.2019 | By: Einari Hyvönen | Photo: Einari Hyvönen

SAMK kuukauden kuva Einari Hyvösen maalaus the best song ever

Einari Hyvönen: The Best Song Ever, Oil colour, acrylic paint and image transfer on cotton, 50 x 65 cm, 2018

In my works I utilize the imagery that surrounds me half of the day. The flood of pictures coming to my computer and phone forms the other reality.  Memes, video games, bootleg products and my digital work environment have influenced my liking for aesthetics and humour. In my nostalgic moments I return back to my childhood and recycle elements from the pop culture of 1990s and 2000s by taking them away from their original context. What remains of these well-known elements then is just a compressed association or symbol for the topic I´m dealing with at a given time.

The predecessors of my present works of art are my comically deranged Snapchat videos, which were done back in the day to let off steam. Another recent, remarkable factor in my career was the student exchange in the University of Hertfordshire, England, in 2017. I then had a chance to visit frequently the contemporary art scene of London, which had a mind-blowing influence on me and made me let go of the tight grip of control. Freeing myself from apparent control has been one of the most important processes in my artistic development for long, and it has, by no means, ended yet.

I then had a chance to visit frequently the contemporary art scene of London, which had a mind-blowing influence on me and made me let go of the tight grip of control.

When creating my works of art, I utilize digital tools besides traditional methods. I sketch my ideas by image processing and 3D modelling software. I project a ready sketch on canvas and continue working on it with image transfer technique and by painting with acryl and spray colours. Finally I finish off the work of art with oil colours.

Einari Hyvönen was born in Salo in 1989 and graduated from the degree programme in Fine Arts with a Bachelor´s degree in Culture and Arts from SAMK Campus Kankaanpää in June 2019. The degree show of the graduates was in Tampere in May 2019 in three different locations. After this Hyvönen´s works can be seen in a group exhibition opening in June in Nastola Summer Exhibition and in a private exhibition opening in ARTag galleria in Helsinki in November.

Instagram: einari_hyvonen

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