Meritorious employees were awarded on personnel day

On SAMK staff day, deserving employees of the year 2022 were awarded in various categories including the success story, the project operator, the publisher, the communicator, the teacher, and the SAMK person of the year.

14.8.2023 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Inna Saarinen

Henkilöstöpäivässä palkittuja henkilöitä poseeraa kunniakirjojen kanssa.

The awarded employees were photographed after the event, from left Viveka Höijer-Brear, Juho Salli, Mari Kujala, Marcel van Geffen and Janne Lahtinen.

SAMK research centers were chosen as the success story of the year. The centers support companies in increasing and reforming their business activities as well as in improving competition, efficiency and well-being at work. The centers’ activities have been brisk and innovative.

The awarded project operator of the year was Senior Lecturer Mari Kujala. The project operator of the year implements SAMK’s social impact and improves the competence of our staff, which is then transferred to students and on to the world of work. Kujala’s colleagues describe her, for example, as “very active, enterprising and cooperative. The projects Kujala has worked on are practical, have social impact and anticipate future reforms in the field in question.”

Senior Lecturer Janne Lahtinen was chosen as the publisher of the year based on both the quality and the number of publications. In addition to scientific publications, Lahtinen’s texts have appeared in both professional and more popular publications. His publications from the year 2023 also included one peer-reviewed scientific publication. His writings have appeared in a blog of a journal of maritime industry on a monthly basis, altogether 27 posts in the year 2022. The total number of publications registered by SAMK in the data collection of the Ministry of Education and Culture was 3011, of which 266 were open-access publications.

The communicator of the year was Head of Teaching Marcel van Geffen. The communicator of the year has brought forward his work and SAMK in an active, relaxed and interesting way. He is an excellent example of how individuals can act as more engaging communicators than faceless organisations. He also has a good insight into how and where to communicate about SAMK.

The teacher of the year was chosen by the Student Union SAMMAKKO on the basis of a student vote. The awarded teacher of the year was Senior Lecturer Juho Salli. Students describe him as "a good teacher, a supportive person. It is easy to approach him and talk to him. He is helpful and inspires you to study the topic at hand. He is open to constructive criticism and acts accordingly. He is also very good at hybrid teaching and manages to make small understandable packages out of even the most difficult-to-chew things."

The staff selected among its members the SAMK person of the year. This year, the selection fell on Senior Lecturer Viveka Höijer-Brear. Her colleagues have described her as “the best! Always ready to help colleagues, an encourager and a team player. She has solid competence and experience. Always positive, willing to find solutions and move things forward with a constructive, positive and supportive attitude".

Henkilöstöpäivän paneelikeskustelussa lavalla istuvat panelistit, juontaja seisoo vieressä.

SAMK Staff day

SAMK organises an annual staff day to review current issues and give awards to deserving employees. This year’s theme of the day was Think future with actions and intelligence.

Picture is of the panel discussion.

14.8.2023 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Inna Saarinen

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