International study group gives a variety of aspects to the field of rehabilitation

Danmei He is studying in the Master’s degree programme in Rehabilitation at SAMK. She’s orginally from China but currently lives in Helsinki. Danmei works for the City of Helsinki to help clients with disabilities. She got the idea of studying rehabilitation during her own rehabilitation training.

– I was seeking for good treatments in China and Finland which lead me to think and learn more about the rehabilitation, also comparing the differences. Besides, I spent a lot of time at home and I did not want to waste my time without doing anything. Therefore, I decided to study more about the subject I was interested in.

26.2.2019 | By: Jatta Lehtonen

While searching for study possibilities, she discovered SAMK’s Rehabilitation programme. The course setting seemed more attractive than in other universities of applied sciences, so she decided to apply.
– The first thing that caught my attention was the programme description “the studies can be combined with full-time work and even studying from abroad”. The way of studying, blended learning, was the most suitable for my situation.

Now Danmei is doing part-time work, studying and doing rehabilitation training at same time.
– In my case, I spend time on studies when I have the rest of my day for rehabilitation training and working. For me, the work and my rehabilitation training is the practical part and studying is the theoretical part. I regard it as a good combination.

When you are pondering on studying and working at the same time, Danmei´s view is that the most important factor is how you manage the time and what are your goals and purposes of studying.
– It could be a bit busy and stressful if someone is studies about 1.5 years and works full-time at same time. In my opinion, graduation is not difficult but it is more important to be aware of the purpose of studying. In addition, it would be better to consider the situation of studying and working at same time beforehand earnestly. How to balance the time? How to relieve the pressure? What is your own personal study plan? How long would the studies take?

In rehabilitation programme, there are contact days and online studies. Students are expected to participate in contact days at SAMK Campus Pori about 2 times per term and online days 2–3 times per term. So this means that there are about 5 times 3 days of studies during the autumn term and the same during the spring term.
– During the online days we can study through HILL system, which is SAMK’s own online learning environment. It is possible to do it anywhere, all you need is a computer and the internet connection. Teachers also record the lectures and upload them to the study in Moodle, so students can review recordings later. During contact days all students will participate at SAMK Campus Pori. The teaching methods are varied. It could be a lecture with small group discussions, open discussion through Moodle, student presentations and sometimes outdoor activities. The assignments are mostly carried out by writing essays.

Danmei believes that the rehabilitation studies are necessary for her working life.
–  Education gives me a theoretical guide and drives me to understand better the rehabilitation system in Finland. Studies make me understand my clients’ situations better. Also, there are some courses on research methods which give us a comprehensive understanding of research.

Danmei’s study group is writing articles about rehabilitation, which will be published later at It is challenging but essential.
– It gives us a chance to know how to write and publish an academic article with peer review. I regard it as a valuable opportunity because there is no requirement to publish articles during Master´s studies in many universities. I believe we can manage it well in the end.

The degree programme’s study group is international. Danmei’s classmates come from several countries.
– Internationality gives us a chance to know more about rehabilitation systems in each country, not only in Finland. The teaching method is open-minded so we have a chance to discuss freely. Also our tutor teachers are experienced in both theory and practice. Besides, their sense of humor is a bonus as it simply adds to their charm that makes sure every student wears a smile during the courses. It gives us a relaxed atmosphere. I really enjoy constantly thinking, comparing and exploring relevant knowledge in the ocean of rehabilitation.

The Master’s thesis is a research or development task closely connected with the working life. Danmei has already started to plan her thesis subject.
– I would like to do a survey research of physical therapy in China. Due to my own experience, I received rehabilitation treatments (physical therapy) in China and Finland. Hence, I noticed the difference between the two countries which gave me the idea for my thesis.


A Master’s degree in Rehabilitation is for you who already have a Bachelor’s degree and at least two years of post-graduate work experience in the field of rehabilitation.

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