Sea Captain student Ina Sohn-Rajamäki is in the Intelligence Hunt Cup Final

Ina Sohn-Rajamäki has a good reason to smile. She is a member of an international student team that participates in an international competition on seafaring and logistics. The final competition is held on the first week of May.

5.5.2021 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Ina Sohn-Rajamäki

Ina Sohn-Rajamäki laivan kannella

Ina Sohn-Rajamäki doing her onboard training on a ro-ro vessel Finnsea.

Seafaring runs in Sohn-Rajamäki’s blood. Her father worked in maritime industry for his whole working life and his family owned shipping companies. Her brother worked in the engine room when he was young.

– Seafaring runs in the family. I have been sailing for my whole life and grown up with seafaring and logistics. Now I am studying for a new career, my third professional degree. Finally, my situation in life allows me to make my long-term dream true! The best news was that I got into this SAMK study program at my first attempt at the entrance exam.

Sohn-Rajamäki finds the study program diverse and multi-faceted. However, COVID-19 pandemia made it challenging to find an onboard training.

– Onboard trainings are a very important part of your studies. I have learnt so much on this onboard training. You learn by doing, she says.

Networking with international students

In the end of last year, the students in Seafaring found out that they could participate in Intelligence Hunt Cup competition organized by SeaFocus. Sohn-Rajamäki did not have a real work experience in seafaring so she saw the competition as a great opportunity to learn more.

– I am just a second-year student, but I thought my previous vast work experience in different fields would help in the competition. I also thought it is very important to build international networks.

The aim of the competition is networking, creating innovative ideas, learning more and developing skills in an international project.

– I warmly recommend this experience for other students. Of course, it takes time and readiness to work in an international team in English, willingness to understand different ways of working in a project, totally online. In a more ordinary situation students would meet face to face at the competition.

Services for foot passengers

Sohn-Rajamäki shares the assignment with two companies, which is exceptional. These companies are Finnlines and the Port of Naantali. Finnlines has made an order for two ro-pax vessels for the line Naantali-Långnäs-Kapellskär. By the year 2023 you should be able to travel on board also without a vehicle.

– Our task is to plan how foot passengers would arrive to the Port of Naantali by public transport, or if arriving by car, where they could park and what kind of port terminal facilities there would be for them. We also develop e-services for check-in and for entering the ship. I am curious to see how many of our ideas will be realized.

Sohn-Rajamäki has learnt a lot during the competition. Sometimes there have been challenges in coping with different ways of action in diverse situations.

– People have different interests and ways of travelling in the Nordic countries in comparison to for instance Morocco, Ukraine or Russia. For example, I have had to explain to my fellow students how everything works in Finland and how the four seasons affect port operations.

– Of course, this competition has taken quite some time. Especially now when I am on board and the internet connection doesn’t work so well so there have been some problems in communication. Anyway, it has been nice to be part of this project.

Ina Sohn-Rajamäki laivan konehuoneessa

Intelligence Hunt Cup

The participants are students in logistics or seafaring from European or Russian Universities.

This year there were a very international selection of students, coming from 27 different backgrounds.

Ina Sohn-Rajamäki is the only SAMK student this year. The other members of her team are from Russia, India, Morocco and two from Ukraine. Their assignment is called Smooth On-Boarding via Optimsed Port Facilities -Successful Customer Experience in the New Building Vessel 2023.

Originally the final was meant to be organized at the Logistics Fair in Munich, but the competition is fully online due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Read more about the Intelligence Hunt Cup.

5.5.2021 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Ina Sohn-Rajamäki

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