IHMEC assisted LED Tailor Ltd to entre into the Saudi Arabian markets – New innovative products for health care soon available

LED Tailor Ltd is currently setting foot in the Saudi Arabian market with its innovative health solutions. The coronavirus pandemic has rapidly increased the need for different aids for infection prevention and control, LED Tailor's products being among them.

15.4.2020 | By: University Consortium of Pori | Photo: University Consortium of Pori

LED Tailor has established a partnership with Al-Dawaa Medical Services Company Ltd, who will distribute the products in KSA. Al-Dawaa's main objective is to provide optimal health care services to the Saudi market through its extensive network, which covers more than 800 retailers in the central, eastern, northern, and northern western areas of KSA.

LED Tailor is a Finnish company specializing in the development and manufacture of chemical-free disinfection solutions based on blue LED light. According to Antti Hyttinen, the Sales Manager of LED Tailor Ltd, one of the company's most successful products is the Wisdom DS disinfection box.

– Wisdom DS is available in several hospitals in the EU, and we are glad that this innovative product will be available in the Middle East market. Saudi Arabia will be the first country in the region to utilize it for the benefit of the Saudi health care system.

Antti Hyttinen says LED Tailor Ltd could not have entered into the Saudi market so quickly without the help of the IHMEC project. IHMEC project aims to create and exports joint indoor hygiene solutions of Central Baltic area SME's into the Saudi Arabian market using indoor hygiene (IH) as a competitive edge. This project is led by the University of Turku, Finland.

– Especially the support lended by the IHMEC Internationalization Expert Ibrahim Alzahrani was valuable, as he has facilitated entry to the Saudi Arabian market and given hands-on to establish a business relationship there.

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More information
Dr. Salla Siivonen
Research Manager, IHMEC Project Director
University of Turku, Finland
Email: salla.siivonen@utu.fi

15.4.2020 | By: University Consortium of Pori | Photo: University Consortium of Pori

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