High-level maritime meeting to be held in Rauma

A high-level maritime meeting is to be held in Rauma at the end of October, when an expert group attached to the European Commission will gather at SAMK’s Rauma campus.

23.10.2019 | By: SAMK Communications | Photo: Pekka Lehmuskallio


SAMK-kampus Rauma Merimäki veden takana

Rauma will play host to leading experts from EU member states – namely the expert sub-group MASS  (Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships), attached to the EU Commission’s High Level Steering Group for Governance of Digital Maritime Systems and Services. The sub-group is developing guidelines for the safe, secure and environmentally-friendly testing and trials of maritime autonomous surfaces ships, in line with the International Maritime Organization’s Interim guidelines prepared during the IMO Maritime Safety Committee meeting held in June 2019.

Guidelines for safe, secure and environmentally-friendly testing and trials

Under particular scrutiny will be vessel traffic services (VTS), risk control and European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) services. The group will assess development needs, such as possible gaps in EU legislation, paying special attention to the VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information Systems) directive.

The meeting in Rauma on 28-29 October will also include presentations by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. A tour of the university’s Maritime Training Center and Simulator Center, as well as Rauma Marine Construction, is also on the agenda.

Among the speakers from SAMK is  CEO / Master Mariner / Principal Advisor Markku Mylly, the new Senior Fellow. The meeting is one of the events being organized in Finland during its term of EU presidency, and is being organized by the European Commission and TRAFICOM, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency.

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