For the sake of our sea – 8th event on Europe Day in Rauma

For the Sake of Our Sea – Meremme Tähden in Finnish – is an annual event that takes place on Europe Day, 9 May 2019, in Rauma, a town on the west coast of Finland, a town which old town is also a UNESCO world heritage.

8.5.2019 | By: Alberto Lanzanova & Teija Järvenpää | Photo: Teija Järvenpää


Meremme Tähden is a local event that involves the whole spectrum of the social community, from children to professionals, from researchers to boaters.

We aim at creating awareness about the condition of our sea, promote sustainable ways of doing business and share results from research and projects

Fish / Market Place, pic in events article at SAMKThe objectives of the event are several and widespread with the Baltic Sea as a common denominator: we aim at creating awareness about the condition of our sea, we promote sustainable ways of doing business and we share results from research and projects.

Some very important peculiarities of Meremme Tähden are that all the actors involved are volunteers and that the event is free of charge for everyone.

Every year, hundreds of people visit Meremme Tähden throughout a day full of activities, stands and workshops. This year, if we only count local and regional schools, more than 270 students and pupils have already enrolled.

Meremme Tähden was created 8 years ago, and in recent years Smart Urban Business research group in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences has taken the commitment of organizing the event.

Just like Meremme Tähden, Smart Urban Business focuses on a broad range of topics, from sustainability to resource efficiency and business export. Here you can find a short video presentation on our research group.

From Meremme tähden event 2018, a pic from researcher's presentation

Meremme Tähden 2019

This year theme is “For the sake of our sea: life and livelihood” (Eloa ja Elinkeinoa in Finnish), and here you can find the website in Finnish.

Two Smart Urban Business projects are mainly involved in the planning of the event: CB PortMate and ERDF SataMari. In addition, other projects are involved with stands and activities: please, follow the links for more information on them.

CB PortMate

ERDF Satamari

CB SME Aisle

BSR Interreg NOAH

CB Efficient Flow

View Meremme tahden taphtumasta vuodelta 2018 SAMK

View from Meremme tahden event 2018


9-12 Action points: time reserved for students who will have the chance to wander through the different stands and take part in some engaging activities - such as driving the simulator of the Maritime School

13-15 Workshop “Livelihood from the Sea”, led by SataMari project

15-16.30 Stands and action points open to everyone who is interested

16.30-18 Workshop “Life from the Sea”, led by CB PortMate

(More info on the programme and the workshops, in Finnish)

Actors involved

In addition to Smart Urban Business projects, several local actors have already pledged their presence and offered help during Meremme Tähden as volunteers:

  • City of Rauma
  • Regional Council of Satakunta
  • WinNova
  • Turun University
  • Rauma Freinet School
  • PaikkaOppi
  • Lounais-Suomen LUMA-keskus
  • RMC
  • Rauman seudun työnhakijat
  • Pidä Saaristo Siistinä
  • Traficom
  • Rauma Marine Constructions
  • Laki & Vesi
  • Rauman seudun purjehdusseura
  • Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

Stands & action points:

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