Education, language and culture – Chinese Culture Center´s inauguration at SAMK Pori Campus

The project partner Beijing City University will take care of all tuition and two of their teachers will teach the Basics of Chinese Language, Chinese Culture and Tai Chi.

6.9.2019 | By: Hanna Valtokivi | Photo: Hanna Valtokivi

Ms. Wang Lin, Mr. Jari Multisilta and Ms. Aino-Maija Luukkonen revieling arts centre's sign.

Ms. Wang Lin, Vice Prensident of Beijing City Univesity; Mr. Jari Multisilta, President of SAMK and Ms. Aino-Maija Luukkonen, Mayor, City of Pori at the Opening Ceremony.

The Chinese teachers will be lecturing at SAMK through staff mobility agreement. The pilot project lasts for three years, during which the educational supply available may be extended to meet the needs. At the beginning, the Chinese Culture Center is operating only during the autumn term. In future, Chinese art and art handicraft may also be presented at the campus. 

Education is offered for the students and staff of SAMK as well as for anyone interested in the field by Open University of Applied Sciences and upper secondary schools in Pori have already shown interest in the Chinese language course. The education offered is practical and includes e.g. functional workshops.  

The opening ceremony of Chinese Culture Center at SAMK Pori Campus on Tue 10 September 

An exhibion of Chinese art is on display in the Pori Campus library. The works are made by professors and students of the Beijing City University.


SAMK has been developing the cooperation with China already for several years. Besides staff, student and educational exchange, SAMK has realized e.g. education export of elderly care and educational travel services. Cooperation partners have included especially Changzhou City, Changzhou University and enterprises in the field of elderly care and tourism. Changzhou City is also the twin city of Satakunta region. During the last two years cooperation has strongly expanded to Beijing and surroundings and also to the Province of Shangdong. 

Courses available at Open University of Applied Sciences:

Comprehensive Chinese Language Course Level 1 

Chinese Culture: An Introduction 

Comprehensive Tai Chi and Rehabilitation 


For more information on Chinese Culture Center, please contact:
Ari-Pekka Kainu, Head of International Relations, tel. 044 710 3179, email:

6.9.2019 | By: Hanna Valtokivi | Photo: Hanna Valtokivi

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