DNV external audit gave SAMK good results

SAMK obtained very good results in the external audit conducted by DNV. DNV is one of the leading executors of classification, certification, inspection and education services.

30.3.2021 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Veera Korhonen

Kädet näppäimistöllä/Hands on the keyboard

Audit is a recertification process that takes place every three years. The audit evaluated especially how the management system standard (ISO9001:2015) met the requirements as well as the efficiency of the management system and the capability of the organization.

This time the targets of the audit were degree programmes Artificial Intelligence (tuition in English), Physiotherapy, Tourism, Sea Captain (tuition in English) and Social Services (Master´s degree) as well as Open University of Applied Sciences, ICT and Digital Services, Student Services and Research and Entrepreneurship. The area of focus chosen by SAMK was Development of Study Guidance. The audit was executed by Lead Auditor Jyrki Sopanen and Auditor Tero Ottelin.

The total result of SAMK remained again high as in previous years. The result was 4 in the scale of 1 – 5. Positive observations registered in the area of focus included especially the students´ satisfaction with the guidance as a whole, the methods of collecting feedback from the students, the marketing and communication of the education available, the commissioning of new digital tools and teacher tutor and peer tutor activities.

Excellent success in students finding employment

– The management system was evaluated as a functioning entity. Operational management pays attention to the personnel, students and stakeholders. The internal and external operating environment and the changes in them affect fundamentally the functions of a higher education institution. The changes in the operating environment are monitored by a systematic risk analysis. The goal of the functioning is a student who is happy with the education and will be employed in a position that corresponds to his/her professional skills, tells Erja Kuurila, the Quality Manager of SAMK.

As regards the management system, positive observations raised included the fact that the strategic goal of the organization “Students will be employed” has succeeded very well. In addition, it was mentioned that the representatives of the Student Union are involved in several bodies, and the student satisfaction and the quality of teaching are at a high level. The role of the students and stakeholders as active operators in the everyday higher education life can be seen in their strong participation in the strategy work of the higher education institution.

Positive audit observations included also the project activities, which have been integrated well in education at SAMK, and the Enterprise Accelerator activities, which have been constantly developed. Moreover, the challenges brought by Covid-19 pandemic are well in control and the opportunities for  distance studies are good.

30.3.2021 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Veera Korhonen

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