Appeal of SAMK increased – one degree programme had more than 1000 applicants

The application period to SAMK degree programmes ended on 1 April 2020. There were over 8000 applicants to SAMK, of which 2700 were primary applicants. In the joint application, there were on average almost three primary applicants per each intake place.

6.4.2020 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Tomi Glad (archive photo)

Students at SAMK-campus Pori library.

In the archive photo students of SAMK on Pori campus library.

The appeal of SAMK grew from last year. This spring there were approximately 2.8 applicants for each intake place. Last year the corresponding figure was 2.4.

SAMK had to offer altogether 19 full-time degree programmes, eight multiform degree programmes and six Master´s degree programmes. Some of the degree programmes are taught entirely in English, and some of these degree programmes were applied for already in January 2020.

The appeal of several degree programmes ascended

The most popular degree programme in English was the degree programme in physiotherapy, which had 6.5 applicants per one intake place. This programme also increased its attractiveness the most.

The most attractive of all the degree programmes in Finnish was the business administration multiform education offered in Huittinen, which had 11.7 primary applicants per one intake place. The degree programme, which is taught entirely online, had nearly 600 primary applicants and altogether over 1100 applicants.

– The number of applicants gives us a clear message of the demand and needs for education. I believe the increase in the appeal of multiform education is a result of us recognizing the education needs of those in working life as well as our investment is education and digitalization. In these exceptional circumstances a good number of applicants in most degree programmes tells us about confidence that education and developing your own competence are regarded as an investment for the future, says Timo Mattila, Vice President for Education.

Online implementations of engineering education in English also increased their appeal during the application period in March.

There were altogether approximately 1000 intake places in Bachelor´s degree programmes and circa 150 in Master´s degree programmes. All the above mentioned education will start in August – September 2020.

The entrance examinations planned to be organized on SAMK campuses in April – May will be implemented as online entrance examinations because of coronavirus pandemic, or the student selection will be realized in some other manner.

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