Anu, the new Faculty Secretary in the Faculty of Logistics and Maritime Technology

Anu Hakkarainen has been working as a faculty secretary in the Faculty of Logistics and Maritime Technology for four months. Anu was born and bred in Rauma but has also travelled the world, and now enjoys dealing with people as well as the short journey to work.

20.12.2019 | By: Anne Sankari | Photo: Anne Sankari

Anu Hakkarainen working with computer.
Anu Hakkarainen

Anu came to SAMK from Olkiluoto OL3 project where she worked for eight years in one-year employment contracts. Last spring she started thinking that maybe it was time to do something else, and she wrote a few job applications. The relation to SAMK started promisingly.

– I had a really good feeling about the interview, there was a relaxed atmosphere.

A week later Jaana Vase, the Dean of the Faculty, told Anu that the job was hers. Anu was no stranger to the world of higher education, as she had been working as a secretary at the Turku School of Economics before Olkiluoto and being a full-time mother for her two children.

– I´ve been saying that I´m celebrating a special anniversary. First, I turned 40, then in August I got a new job and in November I moved to a new home.

Mutual satisfaction

The tip to interview Anu came from a colleague, who mentioned that the recruiting was spot on – we got a person who is active and knows how to get down to business. Anu seems satisfied as well, in a small unit it is easy to get to know people.

– Everybody has been really helpful and nice. Anita (Jalonen, the previous, long-time faculty secretary who retired) was wonderful. We worked together for only five days but I have been able to call her when necessary. I can also call other faculty secretaries if needed.

There´s a lot to learn – as always in the beginning – even though the year is not nearly over yet. Anu says that now she understands why Anita did not have a clear work list, the duties are wide-ranging. The basic duties that can be listed include for example acting as a secretary in the management team of the faculty and two other teams, drawing up employment contracts and ordering supplies.

People are the best

The best part of Anu´s job are the people and being in contact with them. The journey to work got also shorter – compared to Olkiluoto (25 km away) the place of work is now right in the centre. So, Anu now has one more hour available, and she can come to work by bike or on foot.

Anu spends her free time with her children – ordinary everyday life in alternate weeks – and in her hobbies.

– I like to go and see Rauman Lukko ice-hockey team play, I also go swimming and walking/jogging.

She also enjoys the great nature trails in Rauma and in summer staying at her parents´ summer cottage on an island. Confidential posts and voluntary work belong to Anu´s life as well. Anu has acted for five years as a chairperson for the School and home association of Nanu school, and she is an MLL (Mannerheim League for Child Welfare) support person for two siblings.

– I don´t feel I´m doing a juggling act. When you live in the centre, everything is close – also children´s hobbies and friends, and they can move OR/walk and cycle

Anu is a commercial college graduate, and she also has a secretary´s professional degree. After commercial college she went to London to work as an au pair – even that experience may be beneficial when walking in the international campus of Rauma.

20.12.2019 | By: Anne Sankari | Photo: Anne Sankari

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