Internationally renowned maritime education of Satakunta – International conference for the first time in Finland

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences was selected from among nine applicants to organize the Annual General Assembly 2023 (AGA23) of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU).

18.11.2021 | By: SAMK | Photo: Pekka Lehmuskallio

SAMK-kampus Rauma Merimäki veden takana

The responsibility for organizing the annual conference enables the presentation of Satakunta's and Finnish maritime expertise to the global shipping community at home facility.

– It is an honour for us. Being elected shows that our maritime education and other activities in the industry are valued in the world, Jari Multisilta, Managing Director, President of SAMK, says.

The organiser of the annual conference is selected by IAMU. The themes of the conference vary from year to year. Current themes in the development and research of maritime education are essential. In 2023, the theme will be the quality of education for global maritime professionals. SAMK has been an active member of IAMU for 15 years.

– SAMK's Maritime Logistics Research Center, which started operations in February 2021, complements and supports maritime education with extensive national and international research activities, Riitta Tempakka, Dean of the Faculty of Logistics and Maritime Technology at SAMK says.

The arrangements for the conference will start at the end of 2021. The AGA21 annual conference was held in Alexandria, Egypt 26-28 October 2021. The next annual conference will be held in Batumi, Georgia in the fall of 2022.

In 2023, more specific topics at the conference will be technological developments in shipping, maritime safety management, sustainability in shipping, and the training of global maritime professionals. The theme and topics are current for maritime education and research.

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