Accessible campus and business studies led Eveliina to Pori

Eveliina Salonen is a second-year student in the Degree Programme in Business Administration, in the specialization option of creative marketing. The degree will give her good skills for working life and she can start developing her career in many different directions.

28.4.2023 | By: Vilma Silventoinen, SAMKin opiskelija | Photo: Vilma Silventoinen

Eveliina Salonen istuu pyörätuolissa Porin kampuksen aulassa.

Alongside her studies, Eveliina works in a software company and also does her practical training there.

The best thing about studying so far has been the diversity. The courses have varied both in content and in realization. It has been possible to participate in both face-to-face and distance teaching, partly because of COVID-19. Eveliina's favourite courses are the second-year photography and video course and the course on graphic design. The projects with real companies have been educational and they have given her an idea of what working after her studies can look like.

She still has about a year of studies left. She is doing her practical training in the software company, where she has been working alongside her studies since the beginning of the year.

– After graduation, I'm looking forward to starting and progressing in my career, says Eveliina.

If possible and interested, she could imagine studying further in the future, for example for a master’s degree.

For Eveliina, who is wheelchair-bound, the Pori Campus was a logical choice

For Eveliina, who is wheelchair-bound, the Pori Campus was a logical choice, as the building is new and accessible, and there are also parking spaces. Her relatives also live here, and the location is not too far from Loimaa, where she is from.

Accessibility was an important criterion in choosing where to study. Getting around the campus is easy and, for example, there is a toilet for disabled people on every floor. However, she needs help with eating, as the serving lines are too high for her height. In other respects, independent movement and activities are easy to manage.

Eveliina Salonen istuu pyörätuolissa ulkona vehreällä polulla.

Eveliina Salonen

  • student in the Degree Programme of Business Administration
  • specializing in creative marketing
  • second-year student

28.4.2023 | By: Vilma Silventoinen, SAMKin opiskelija | Photo: Vilma Silventoinen

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