A look at the quality of education – innovative teaching methods at the centre

The aim of the international Talentjouney is to improve the quality of technology education in the vocational education and training as well as enhance the technology competence of corporate professionals. A common goal for the project is that future professionals have a technology-conscious attitude and expertise.

29.1.2021 | By: Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Talentjourney, Jenni Nurmi

The man controls the robot with his hand using Leap Motion sensors.
The international Talentjourney project aims at giving high-quality technological competence available for as many people as possible.

Besides SAMK and Sataedu from Finland, the Talentjourney project includes cooperation partners from Slovenia, Germany, Estonia and Italy. In addition, there are companies involved in the project to bring forward their opinions on the future practical competence needs. SAMK is in charge of the design and implementation of the technology trainings included in the project.

At the hub of the project is a concept IoT in Smart Manufacturing, which collects all the technology themes considered important for the future, and the trainings for them. These consist of e.g. Design Thinking, IoT, Robotics, Soft Skills, AI and Green Skills. The most important training themes have been gathered by interviewing European educational institutions and enterprises.


In the picture, Jenni Nurmi poses in front of ash balls.

Training and development of vocational education is a matter close to the heart of Jenni Nurmi from Reroute Oy. In her work, she often trains the public sector in sustainable sourcing. Moreover, she is specialized in customers that work with side streams, such as ash products and recyclable fuels.

Concrete measures to circular economy

Jenni Nurmi, a circular economy and built-in environment specialist from Reroute Oy participates in Green Skills training module. Reroute Oy is a cooperation enterprise in the module, which concentrates on e.g. environmental liability, energy efficiency and carbon neutrality. Nurmi wants to instill the importance of concrete measures in the people participating in the training.

– Despite strategies and roadmaps, the focus is often on the upper level and concrete measures are missing. I am always primarily interested in putting things into practice because that is where the change is made, Nurmi reminds us.


Free trainings available for all

– The aim is to bring a new and innovative way to teach in every training. This is A three-person team works together at the computer.naturally a useful skill for teachers, but also for e.g. professionals giving in-house training in companies. The trainings include e.g. gamification, live data analysis and podcasts to enliven education, tells lecturer Janika Tommiska, who is involved in the implementation of the project.

– The trainings continue until the end of May and there is still room for more participants. We hope that the teachers in vocational education and training and corporate experts would still register for the free trainings available this spring, encourages project researcher  Anja Poberznik, who is also involved in the implementation of the project.


What's Talentjourney? Read more on the project: https://talentjourney.si

Interested in the trainings? Read more: https://talentjourney.si/trainings/

If you became interested in Green Skills training, please register!


For more information:

Peter Virtanen, project manager
tel. 044 710 3900


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29.1.2021 | By: Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Talentjourney, Jenni Nurmi

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