3D printing is now more popular than ever – Get to know the techniques and new educational materials at an online event

3D printing is a hot topic, and it can be utilized in industry, art and marketing as well as at schools. Experts and researchers from Finland, Great Britain and Turkey have pooled their expertise to create new 3D printing educational materials for comprehensive schools as well as for engineering students. These materials will be presented at an online event on 8 – 9 September 2020.

18.8.2020 | By: Mirka Leino ja Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Mirka Leino ja Petra O'Rourke

3D malleja, kilpikonnat.

Testing different materials (wood and cork) for functional prints intended for children´s games (3D model by jakejake).

Robotics Academy students get to know also 3D printing.

The two-day online event organized by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) consists of two parts. The first part is aimed at engineers, enterprises and students interested in 3D printing and willing to know more about the methods of 3D printing. The second part is aimed at schools and school teachers who want to teach 3D modelling and printing to their students.

– Corona has taught us that you´ll never know when you have a situation at hand when you should master something totally new or the working time freed could be used for something that develops your professional skills. In these cases, all easily accessible online materials come in handy. The materials introduced will help both the teachers to teach new technology subjects and the engineers to learn not only a new product development tool but also a production method, reminds Mirka Leino, Principal Lecturer and Head of the Automation Research Team, who is involved in the project.

Educational materials in an easy-to-absorb form

The part aimed at schools presents new 3D printing educational materials for schools and school teachers. As a teacher, if you are interested in teaching these new techniques to your students, even e.g. in an art club, you will see videos at the event on how to make the teaching easy. The participants will get to know new video teaching materials available for everyone and they can make questions and interact with the creators of the materials. Motivating students to learn new STEM subjects has been an important part in developing new materials.

The second part of the online event, i.e. the part aimed at engineers and enterprises is presented both in Finnish on 8 September and in English on 9 September. This part introduces the 3D printing educational materials intended for engineering students and engineers in the industry. 3D printing experts introduce different video materials on 3D printing techniques and their innovative use – these materials will be available for everyone to watch.





The schedule of the event

3DPRINT –DnB – Multipier Event 8 – 9 September 2020

Webinars (Finnish time)

Tuesday 8 September at 10 – 11.30 am: 3D Printing in a Nutshell

Tuesday 8 September at 2 – 3 pm: Would you like to teach children 3D modeling and printing? With the guidance of this webinar you will be able to teach your students 3D modeling and printing.

Wednesday 9 September at 2 – 4 pm: 3D printing techniques and innovative cases 4 x 30 min lectures (Session delivered by the partners)



Registration for the event on http://www.3dprintproject.org/3d-print-online-workshops-september-2020/ Teams invitations for the online event will be sent for those who have registered for the event.


For more information, please contact:

Mirka Leino
tel. +358 44 710 3182


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