249 students graduated from SAMK in December

Altogether 249 students graduated from SAMK in December. 46 of them graduated with a Master´s degree.

11.1.2023 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Pixabay

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Altogether 249 students graduated from SAMK in December. 46 of them graduated with a Master´s degree. SAMK congratulates all the graduates.

Below are the graduates from English degree programmes. All the graduate information has been published on SAMK news in Finnish. All the graduates have not wanted their name published.


Bachelor´s degrees

Bachelor of Business Administration
Aallo Mikko
Coulibaly Oumar
Lammi Jenni
Sha Runsheng

Bachelor of Engineering
Koskela Tiina
Seitovaara Janek

Bachelor of Health Care
Ajayi Catherine
Andsten Piia, Turku
Balogun Isata
Corneloup Harczos Jade
Freyne Senan
Hellsten Essi
Kalu Linda
Kivimäki Ville
Laihanen Markus
Ojo Oshuwa
Rajahalme Alfons
Rajbhandari Isha
Vorobjova Aleksandra
Wabuyele Caroline

Bachelor of Hospitality Management
Dmitrijeva Aleksandra
Enacica Bogdan
Khabbazi Sina
Kyyrö Karoliina
Lu Jichen, Beijing
Wright Cedric

Master´s degrees

Master of Maritime Management
Chatzimichail Dimitrios

You can also get to know the theses. Each thesis includes at least the abstract in English. Some of the theses are written in English.

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