Studies in logistics engineering include external and outbound logistics including transportation technology and distribution management. During the studies you will gain an understanding of logistics management.

Bachelor of Engineering

240 ECTS cr
Intake 20
Online and distance studies
Studies take: 3-4 years

Important Dates

Application period I: 9–23 January 2019
Application period II: 13 March – 3 April 2019
Entrance exam: Online entrance exams
Studies begin: Autumn 2019

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Bachelor of Engineering, Logistics, distance studies, Rauma


Logistics Management

Do you want to get a degree that offers you both engineering skills and an understanding of logistics? Do you want to study in English and study flexibly in your own time? Our studies in logistics are offered via distance learning and through online teaching with only a handful of days when you need to be present on campus.

Studies in Logistics Engineering include external and outbound logistics including transportation technology and distribution management as well as inbound and internal logistics related to sourcing, materials management and manufacturing. You will graduate as a Bachelor of Engineering.


SAMK Students Will Be Employed

Bachelors of Engineering have a wide variety of career paths. Graduating students find employment in many different industries from metal or marine industry to different service industries.

 Employment across the logistics engineering sector is growing rapidly.

SAMK offers an opportunity to study flexibly in your own time.

You will learn to work within international virtual organizations by learning applications.

You Will Gain During the Studies

Combination of engineering skills and understanding of logistics management. You will also get theoretical understanding of engineering as well as an analytical approach to work.


Bachelor's Thesis

In thesis you demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge and skills in practical expert duties related to the professional studies.

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Study Arrangements

We offer engineering studies via distance learning which gives you an opportunity to study flexibly in your own time. You will study and communicate in a global network of students and teachers. The studies also include contact teaching days which will take place online. In addition, you need to be present in Rauma for approximately a week every semester.


We Expect You to Have

  • secondary school level education
  • ability to communicate, read and generate texts in English
  • well-functioning Internet access and a PC

Students and senior lecturer tell about the Logistics studies.

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Studying in English prepares you for international tasks

Many areas in the employment market are very international, e.g. seafaring. All the fields are becoming more and more international. Studying in English in a high quality educational institution prepares you well for international tasks.

Further Information

Admissions office:

+358 2 623 4801

Further information about the degree program:

Mr. Harri Heikkinen, Senior Lecturer
+358 44 710 3610

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