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Apply to SAMK: 15 –22 July 2019

Bachelor's Degrees:

Application Period 4 – 18 September 2019

Master's Degrees:

Application Period in January 2020

Bachelor's Degrees:

Master's Degrees:

Applying to the degree programmes at SAMK takes place through a system of joint application and separate applications ( For more detailed information about applying to the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences, please read those pages.


Important information about Admission 2019

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| Wellbeing and health

Noora is ready to pull out all the stops in the international Nursing education

A week-long personal experience from hospital gave Noora Lempinen a stepping stone for nursing studies. Noora also wanted to pull out all the stops and she applied for the English Nursing degree programme.
| Wellbeing and health

Simulating working life means throwing oneself into role play

Simulation, or simulating working life in a learning situation is a part of the digitalization of teaching. It could also be called a role play with plenty of pedagogical methods and goals.

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