Senior Fellowship

Are you our next Senior Fellow?

Senior Fellows enhance the quality of SAMK's applied research and continuing education. SAMK Senior Fellowship is awarded to distinguished academic and business professionals, who meet the criteria and expectations. Senior Fellows have generated academic and business knowledge that has achieved broad societal impact.

The benefits to becoming a Senior Fellow e.g.

  • you can increase your national and international impact with SAMK’s experts
  • you are most welcomed to participate to SAMK’s research and continuing education projects (also as a paid member of the project team)
  • you have a primary chance to meet future prospects
  • you have an option to use Senior Fellow of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences status.

By applying to become a Senior Fellow, you show interest to

  • boost the development of Satakunta Region
  • encourage and support SAMK staff and students
  • strengthen the connection between theory and practice in your areas of professional expertise
  • seek better practical solutions with SAMK’s experts
  • be an expert member of one of the SAMK’s research or continuing education teams
  • keep study groups to SAMK’s students

SAMK Senior Fellows

Harri Ketamo, PhD, entrepreneur, adjunct professor at Tampere University of Technology (edTech) and a senior fellow at University of Turku (edTech).

Markku Mylly, Maritime Counselor, Master Mariner, Principal Advisor, reserve Captain

Juha Puustinen, MD, PhD, is an Adjunct Professor (Docent) of Clinical Pharmacotherapy at University of Helsinki.


Kimmo Nurmi

Vice President
+358 44 710 3371
Vice President for Research
Operating unit
Vice President’s Office, Research
Other roles in organisation
Member of the management group
SAMK Campus Pori


– leadership

– entrepreneurship

– optimization

– algorithms

– computational intelligence

– data analytics

– applied mathematics


– PhD (applied mathematics)

– Associate Professor (computational intelligence)



ORCID 0000-0001-8278-9874