It’s OK to ask for help!

The library with its many shelves and digital systems may be difficult to understand at first. Our staff can help you. Ask on the spot, by phone or email.

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SAMK-Finna tells you what we have, where it is and in what format. Most of the library’s material is online – including many textbooks and course materials. We have professional and scientific materials available online to students. You can access them on your own laptop via the links on SAMK-Finna. You can log in to almost all resources with your SAMK-ID. Some of the resources are logged in differently.

When looking for a specific book in print or digital format, start by entering the title of the book in the search box. SAMK-Finna shows you the location and loan status of the printed book or a link to an ebook online.

Dozens of libraries, museums and archives have an online service called Finna. Always search for the SAMK Library material on SAMK-Finna at You will then see the correct links to the online material. Add to your bookmarks.


When is the library open?

Every campus has a library. You can see the opening hours of our campus libraries on the SAMK-Finna homepage.

The opening hours include separate customer service hours and self-service hours.

The library door is closed during self-service hours. There is no customer service on-site. You can enter the Pori and Rauma campus libraries with your library card. SAMK students can access the campuses with a door code.

Online material is always available.

Borrow with the library card – use Tuudo

You need the SAMK Library card to borrow course books and other materials. The Tuudo app has a library card. Read the instructions on the SAMK-Finna website:

How to get a library card

How to request, borrow, renew and return loans

You can use your library card during self-service hours to access the campus libraries in Pori and Rauma.

Are you studying exclusively online? You do not need a library card. You can find online material on SAMK-Finna. You can log in with your SAMK-ID.

Study in the library

You can study in the campus libraries on your own, or in a group study room if there are several of you. Students can book group study rooms at the Pori Campus Library in Outlook. Rooms in other campus libraries cannot be booked.

Booking a group study room

You can print, scan and copy on campus equipment. For instructions, go to the BYOD website and select Printing and scanning.


Install reader software for ebooks

Downloading an ebook to your laptop from sites such as Ellibs Library or Ebook Central requires a free reader software. You can install the software in advance.

Install Thorium Reader

Install Adobe Digital Editions

Person reading a magazine.

Professional and scientific journals, newspapers

You have access to a wide range of professional and scientific journals. Links to thousands of online journals can be found on SAMK-Finna. Search for a journal title. PressReader has a large selection of newspapers and magazines.
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Participate and learn

You’ll learn how to find the information you need and become familiar with the library services, digital offerings and the use of SAMK-Finna in your student group’s library info. Learn on your own with the help of the Library Moodle learning materials.
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Accessible books

The accessibility library Celia produces and distributes audio and braille books and other specialised books and learning materials. Read more about accessible ebooks on SAMK-Finna.
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Read more about library services

Library services for a student

Contact us

SAMK Library Pori

+358 44 710 3321
Satakunnankatu 23, 28310 Pori
Postal address
P.O. Box 1001, FI-28101 Pori, Finland

SAMK Library Rauma

+358 44 710 3575
Satamakatu 26, 26100 Rauma
Postal address
P.O. Box 211, FI-26101 Rauma, Finland

SAMK Kuninkainen Library

+358 44 710 6325
Risto Rytin katu 70, 32700 Huittinen
Postal address
P.O. Box 41, FI-32701 Huittinen, Finland

SAMK Fine Arts Library

+358 44 710 3321
Paasikivenkatu 24, 38700 Kankaanpää
Postal address
P.O. Box 76, FI-38701 Kankaanpää, Finland