SAMK nursing students in simulation

Simulation Center for Health and Welfare

Real-life situations in a safe environment, using modern methods

The Simulation Centre provides a learning environment that mimics real life. The facilities are located on the SAMK campus in Pori and are equipped with high technology, high quality simulation equipment. The simulation centre includes a hospital in-patient ward, an out-patient clinic and an operating theatre, as well as a versatile home-like apartment.


About simulation centre

Simulation is a safe way to learn new things before real-life situations. In addition to patient safety, good interpersonal, consultation, teamwork and decision-making skills are emphasised.

Teaching is based on up-to-date pedagogy and the latest teaching methods.

Simulation work develops teamwork skills and encourages people to take on their own role in urgent or unexpected situations. Simulation situations also teach cooperation between different professional groups (e.g. nursing, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, social work).

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Video about simulation case


What do we offer for our partners?

SAMK also provides a simulation environment for health and well-being for the use of partners.

For example, multidisciplinary CSCE days or training days (e.g. cerebrovascular disorders, myocardial infarction, unconsciousness, respiratory failure). Simulation learning can be used to maintain the skills needed in the profession.

In addition, simulations allow challenging situations to be repeated, so that the situation is not unique.

Take a virtual tour of the simulation centre

Get to know the Simulation Centre with an interactive virtual tour! The virtual tour has been developed by Santeri Saari, Anja Poberžnik, Sinikka Paukkunen and Kirsti Virta.

Click here to take a virtual tour!


Here you can find us

SAMK-kampus Pori
Satakunnankatu 23, Pori
Part A, 2nd floor

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Contact person

Katri Inkinen

Coordinating Nurse
+358 44 710 3233
Faculty of Health and Welfare
Operating unit
Nursing (full-time) -team
SAMK Campus Pori