Expert technology and application development work with modern equipment

Located on the Pori campus, RoboAI’s joint use laboratory is a whole of experts and modern equipment focused on technology and application development.

The open research infrastructure of joint use laboratory supports innovative research and development activities. In the joint use laboratory experience meets enthusiasm, expertise need for technology and curiosity the possibilities of the future. For example, the laboratory equipment can be used to pilot production processes.

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Pilot, prototype and test – using new research knowledge

RoboAI laboratory enables our partners to pilot, prototype, and test new business ideas and to use new knowledge generated by university research teams. Depending on the complexity, scale and financial needs of the project, the customer will be offered an appropriate service package.

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Equipment for a wide range of technology and application development

Automation and robotics

Traditional industrial robots, collaborative robots, mobile robots, and social robots allow you to learn new robotics as well as design and implement new applications.


Creating 3D simulations of real production systems or designing new production in a virtual world by manipulating equipment can be done in the lab’s simulation environments. Simulation allows production to be designed, implemented, and tested virtually before any equipment is ordered.

Machine vision

In the laboratory, machine vision is extensively researched ad developed, from traditional machine vision systems and smart camera systems to various specialised imaging techniques. We have cameras for visible light imaging, near-infrared imaging, spectral imaging, and long-wave infrared (thermal) imaging, as well as equipment for 3D imaging using a wide range of techniques.

3D printing

3D printers can be used to produce miniature models and parts for various applications and systems, prototypes of 3D-printed objects or even game controllers. The lab also carries out applied research on 3D printing, for example testing the strength of different kinds of printing geometries.

Welfare Technology

The RoboAI laboratory has a large portfolio of welfare technology equipment. Multidisciplinary research, development and teaching activities produce co-developed prototypes ranging from utility games to human performance measurement and intelligent services.

Energy Technology

The energy technology laboratory produces renewable energy for SAMK’s Pori campus and studies the effect of installation angle, orientation and row spacing on energy production, as well as balancing energy production and consumption. The electricity for the joint use laboratory is produced by solar panels on the roof of the Pori campus.

Construction Technology

The construction and civil engineering laboratory consist of three parts: the concrete laboratory is used to determine the properties of concrete and to carry out tests on aggregates. The indoor air laboratory is used to study the heat transfer through different structures and to carry out measurements related to indoor climate. In the HVAC laboratory, students practise, for example, the regulation and measurement of ventilation and measurements of water and heating networks.

Electrical Engineering

The electrical power engineering laboratory brings electrical machines into a new era with the help of automation systems. In a remote access environment, users can test or demo machines and equipment remotely.


Here you can find us

The RoboAI joint use laboratory is located at the Pori campus.

SAMK campus Pori
Satakunnankatu 23
B-part, 1st floor

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Contact person

Pekka Suominen

Head of Research
+358 44 710 3095
Faculty of Technology
Operating unit
SAMK Campus Pori