General information about Peliselli

Peliselli is a transformable space designed for creative work, combining expertise from multiple disciplines. The environment provides technologies for content creation, games development, testing and gaming. Peliselli can also provide multi-sensory experiences, virtual journeys and service prototypes for activation, relaxation, education or communication, to name some.

The laboratory will also act as a link to other development environments and SAMK study programmes. Peliselli provides contacts, support and ideas for researching, experimenting, testing and applying technology in your field of business and thus enables new ways of working and operating.


Facilities for multidisciplinary research and experiential production

Peliselli Laboratory consists of a number of functional spaces that can be adapted according to your needs:

A sensory-friendly relaxation corner and sensory products

A relaxation chair and a space, isolated from the rest of the laboratory, with small sensory stimulation devices and equipment for the regulation of the persons state and for the production of multisensory experiences

Modifiable gaming area

An area that can be adapted for gaming, content production, simulations and other functional sessions, with digital gaming equipment including AR & VR devices, PS5 console and PCs, board games and exergames (mototiles, plazepods)

Content creation tools

Podcast equipment (with 4 microphones), video cameras (traditional & 360), green screen, Rokoko mocap suite, costumes.

Creative cave

A playful “crawling space” that can be isolated from the rest of the lab

Group work space

Idea sofas, a large virtual window, high quality sound system, adjustable lighting and traditional presentation technology for experiential sessions, virtual tours and workshops.

Development section

Powerful computers and workstations for software development, testing, data analytics, video editing, etc. Software can be upgraded according to user needs.

Lending luggage

From Peliselli, you can borrow themed sets of tools in convenient briefcases. The portfolio will be updated, but at the moment there are two sensory tool briefcases with different contents, the Funteeraamo briefcase with daily assistive tools, and the 360-video production briefcase.

Person relaxing


Support for the application, development and research of experience technologies

Peliselli offers ewrvices for various industries and we are curious to develop our activities according to the needs of our customers. Currently, Peliselli offers the following opportunities:

Peliselli is a meeting place and learning environment for students from different disciplines. The student activities include a wide range of stakeholder collaborations, from the development of serious games to sensory journeys and guided exercise sessions.

Cooperation with the Soteekki service centre enables a wide range of tailored services, from themed lessons and test sessions to guided loaning of the equipment brief cases to be used in your own environment.

Collaboration with technology faculty study programs and the RoboAI academy enables various technology projects and experiments related to content creation, game and software development and other kinds of prototyping. Cooperation with the cultural and business sectors will enable service design and creative know-how to be used in product and service development.

Our diverse research and development project portfolio also offers opportunities for more advanced collaboration. Peliselli’s activities are linked in particular to the activities of the RoboAI Research and Development Centre and Research Centre for Human Functioning.


Here you can find us

The Peliselli serious gaming and experience laboratory is located on the basement floor of SAMK Pori campus (part A of the building). You can find Peliselli by walking down the stairs next to the info desk or by using the lightweight lift (for people with mobility disabilities), which is located next to the passenger lifts.

Satakunnankatu 23, Pori

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Contact persons

Sari Merilampi

+358 44 710 3171
Faculty of Technology
Operating unit
RoboAI Health
SAMK Campus Pori

Janika Tommiska

+358 44 710 6332
Faculty of Technology
Operating unit
SAMK Campus Pori