Projects and studying

Learning by working on technology projects

Students accepted to the RoboAI Academy complete their studies by working on various technology projects. The topics of the projects come from companies and communities of the region, and they always have a specific need and outcome.

The RoboAI Academy runs dozens of projects every year. These projects give students hands-on knowledge in areas such as robotics, machine vision, sensor technology, 3D simulation, 3D modelling and 3D printing. Each project is planned, scheduled, executed, and documented as it would be done in real life.

The RoboAI Academy’s philosophy is that it’s important for students to experiment, make mistakes and learn from them. The ability to work in teams and on projects, as well as enthusiasm and the ability to find the right solution for the situation, will play an important role in the future world of work.

For companies

A fresh perspective on challenges

For companies, the RoboAI Academy offers the opportunity to implement low-budget technology projects using new technologies. Practical experiments and finding different solutions play a major role. The size of the project team will depend on the scope of the project and the level of competence of the students involved. The topics of the projects can vary from literature reviews to planning, experimenting, and testing practical applications.

Often, companies hope that students will bring them new insights and clear, concrete experiment-based information about how something should be implemented. In collaboration with the RoboAI Academy, companies can also carry out “slow recruitment”, i.e., get to know the students and their skills during their studies and select the graduating engineers best suited to the company’s operating environment.

Mirka Leino

Principal Lecturer
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Faculty of Technology
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