NamibiaSatama Kuvateksti: SME Aisle -projektiin osallistuneet yritykset ja projektitiimi saivat mahdollisuuden tutustua namibialaiseen satamatoimintaan syksyn 2018 Namibian matkalla. - SAMK
| Technology

The growing Southern African market offers opportunities for Central Baltic SMEs

The project SME Aisle conducted a business trip to Namibia in September and October 2018. Altogether 16 SMEs from Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Sweden took part in the trip. The next trip in spring 2019 is being currently planned.
Koulutuksessa tehtiin myös harjoituksia. Kuva: Xiao Chujun
| Wellbeing and health

Education export of elderly care from SAMK to China started

Work with the aged and especially memory loss diseases are an area which interests in China as well as elsewhere in the world. Sari Teeri, Principal Lecturer, and Päivi Kankaanranta, Senior Lecturer, did pioneering work for SAMK with education export to China at the end of September. The one-week education was attended by around fifty professionals of elderly care in the Changzhou region, from orderlies to people with university degrees.

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