Welcome to Getting Started

Congratulations on your new place to study and welcome to SAMK! In this website you can find important information, which you should get to know before the studies start.

Remember to Enroll for the Academic Year

According to the Finnish legislation every student is required to enroll for the next academic year as present or absent.

Master's Degrees:

Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Master's Degree

Dear Student,

Congratulations for becoming selected as student to the Master Degree of Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

We will begin the studies with the first contact days on Thursday, 18th January 2018 (9.00-16.00) and Friday, 19th January (9.00 – 16.00) at SAMK Rauma Campus, Satamakatu 26, Rauma.

On orientation day (Thursday) we will familiarize you with the learning environment and the student’s administration facilities. Friday is reserved for the contact lessons for your first courses of your degree.

We will examine your relevant degree and work certificates during the first day at 9.00 in registration. Therefore, remember to bring along your original certificates (bachelor degree certification and documents certifying total of 3 years of working experience after bachelor degree) to confirm your eligibility to do the master degree studies at SAMK. Officially selection to master studies is conditional until eligibility duly certified with original documents.

The detailed Curriculum for Master of Business Management and Entrepreneurship (90 ECTS)

On the orientation day we will provide you with the details of the study plan and the curriculum.  The next contact sessions for the spring semester will be on Thursday, 15thMarch, Friday 16th March, Thursday, 19th April and Friday, 20th April.

On behalf of the whole staff: Welcome to SAMK!

Dr Kati Antola
Senior Lecturer, Master of Business Management and Entrepreneurship coordinator
Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK), Satamakatu 26, 26100 Rauma, Finland E-mail:

Maritime Management, Master's Degree

Contact days of the Master’s Degree Program will be arranged in Helsinki during the following days: 18–19 January, 8–9 March, 4–5 September and 1–2 November 2018.

Further information will be sent by email in December.