Library tips for a new student

SAMK library provides professional online resources, literature and journals. Library staff helps you in finding information and using printed and online materials.

Borrow with a library card – use Tuudo app

With SAMK's library card, you can borrow and reserve printed course books, magazines and other literature. Install Tuudo app on your phone. SAMK students can create their own library card in Tuudo. You will then have a library card barcode in Tuudo, which you can use to borrow books from the library. Another way to get a library card is to ask for one at the library. The library card is free of charge.

You need a library card to borrow printed books, to reserve books and to use the Pori and Rauma libraries during self-service hours.

For library opening hours and contact details, please see the SAMK Library's Finna website.

Digital library at

Most of the library's material is online – including many course books. Professional and scientific online materials, e-books and e-journals acquired by SAMK Library are available on your own laptop via SAMK Library's Finna. You can use them both on campus and at home. Always access the material via the link in SAMK's Finna. You should search for a specific book in Finna by book title.

There are dozens of online services called Finna in Finland. Always search for SAMK Library material in SAMK Library's Finna at

Some e-books require a reader software

Some e-books require the free Adobe Digital Editions reader software. You should install it on your laptop.

To read e-books you will need your SAMK username and password, SAMK-ID. The library card is not needed.


Participate in library info with your study group and you will learn how to find and borrow books and how to access professional online resources on Finna discovery service.

Go to Library Moodle to learn information retrieval skills. Log in with your SAMK-ID.


Hint for our international students: use your laptop and go to PressReader. Read more than 7000 newspaper and magazine titles from 150 countries. (Please note: max. three simultaneous users allowed.)

You can use Tuudo library card.

Library staff will advise you on how to use the library and how to find information. Contact us!

Pori and Fine Arts Campus Libraries:

  • 044 710 3321

Rauma Campus Library:

  • 044 710 3575

Kuninkainen Campus Library:

  • 044 710 6325

SAMK library staff wishes you the best with your studies!

Welcome to SAMK Pori Campus Library

Premises, SAMK Finna, Library Moodle.

How to use self-service in Rauma Campus Library.

How to find a book and log in. See also E-resources and Help menu on Finna.

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