Congratulations! You have moved on to read information about graduating!

When you have completed all the required studies and you have had a graduation discussion, you can apply for graduation. You can fill in the application at any point during the academic year. You will get to know your graduation date when your application has been checked. Graduation is possible usually on Fridays (except during Christmas and summer). The graduation ceremony is held at SAMK once a year. All those who have graduated during that academic year are welcome to join.

Application for graduation

When you want to graduate, apply for graduation in Loki. You can fill in the application when you have completed all the required studies and had a graduation discussion.

  • Log in to Loki
  • Select “Application for Graduation” or a picture of a hat on the top menu.
  • Start by answering the University of Applied Sciences graduand feedback survey (AVOP). Please note that the AVOP questionnaire must be answered all at once. When you reach the end of the survey, wait until you are redirected from the page back to Loki.
  • Fill in the application for graduation in Loki. Person assigned by the degree programme will review it and send it to the Student Services Secretary for processing.
  • The Student Services Secretary will notify you by email of your graduation date and tell you how to download an electronic degree certificate. This message will be sent to your SAMK email from the address – check your spam folder if necessary.

The degree certificate

You will receive your degree certificate within three weeks after you have submitted the application (with the exception of Christmas and summer). Vacation periods may delay the processing of the application. Your application process has multiple steps that need some time to be completed, so please be patient. The degree certificate is electronic and you can download it in pdf format. You can print a paper version of the electronic degree certificate if you want, but it is only official in electronic form. Paper certificates are no longer issued.

You will receive your degree certificate in both Finnish and English. The degree certificate is accompanied by your transcript of records and a Diploma Supplement. The Diploma Supplement is intended for international use. It describes the University of Applied Sciences, the degree certificate, the content and level of the degree, the professional qualification and eligibility for further studies provided by the degree, and the Finnish education system.

Please note that in order to be eligible for student financial aid from Kela in Finland for the last month of your studies, you can graduate at the earliest on the 18th day of the month. You have to be enrolled for 18 calendar days during the month when your studies end.

Verification of the authenticity of electronic degree certificate

If you need future verification of the authenticity of your certificate, you can have it checked by the validation service of the Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Graduation in the summer 2024

If a student submits their application for graduation by 7 June 2024, they will receive the certificate at the latest on 18 June 2024.

if a student is unable to graduate by 18 June, but submits the application by 31 July 2024, their graduation date will be 31 July (assuming all necessary requirements are met by the end of July). In this case, they will receive the degree certificate during August 2024.

Graduation ceremony

The annual graduation ceremony will be held on 12 June 2024 at 13.00. All the students who have graduated during this academic year are welcome to attend. Places:

  • SAMK Campus Pori, Agora hall
  • SAMK Campus Rauma, Suojantie 2, Merimäki auditorium
  • Taidekoulu Campus, Kankaanpää.

Graduates from Huittinen are welcome to the celebration at the Pori campus. In Kankaanpää, the Fine Arts Campus and Rauma Campus will have their own event at the same time as in Pori and the start of the celebration will be streamed from Pori. The events will end at 15.00. Registration to the event opens during April on the SAMK Event Calendar.

Alumni activity

Alumni activities are a connection between SAMK and its graduates. By subscribing to SAMK’s alumni newsletter, you will be the first to hear about the news and opportunities from SAMK. The News Bulletin provides information on events and news. Have you thought about Open Studies, joined the alumni networks and read texts from our Alumni Blog? There are also free open studies for new alumni.

SAMK hopes its alumni to be proud of their alma mater and to be willing to develop SAMK further. SAMK offers services to its alumni and a partnership e.g. with the alumni’s companies and employers. We are happy to tell about our alumni’s lives and careers also through our communication channels. You can contact our Communication Services at