Sustainable Business Management – Master’s Degree

Are you looking for moving forward in your professional and academic career? Master's degree programme in Sustainable Business Management is closely connected with working life.

Master of Business Administration

Extent (credits): 90 ECTS cr
Study type: Full-time/in-campus (1.5 years) or part-time/online (1.5–2 years)
Language of tuition: English
Intake: 20 + 20
Campus: Satamakatu 26, Rauma, Finland

Important Dates

Application period: 3 – 17 January 2024
Online entrance examination course: The registration link for the course will be sent to applicants after the application period.
Studies start: August 2024

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Fill in the application form at Studyinfo during the application period.

Master of Business Administration (on

Linda, a Master of Business Administration student, talks about her studies.

Expert in Sustainable Business Management

New strategic thinking involving sustainability issues, new business models, excellent networking and leadership skills are in high demand in the global business environment. Sustainable Business Management -programme develops the competencies needed in strategic management and in developing business operations. The focus is on strategic thinking, especially on sustainability and international business activities. The programme also promotes international networking between working life and higher education. Advanced professional studies in the programme concentrate e.g. on leadership and organizational development, sustainability issues in modern organizations and developing innovative businesses. During your studies in the Sustainable Business Management programme, you also have the option of a double degree from Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society in Germany.

Studying in Sustainable Business Management programme you will study a Masters degree in a flexible way and you have two options to choose from:

On online programme the studies can be completed while working full-time and from anywhere in Finland or abroad. There are, on average, one to two online contact days per month, otherwise students work mainly independently or in small groups with some additional online contact possibilities.

On full-time contact teaching programme, you can study full-time in SAMK Rauma Campus for one year and complete the studies in 1,5 years after completing your thesis during the last semester. In addition to the individual assignments, team work based learning plays an important role in the studies.

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Goals of Degree Studies

  • To enhance skills in business management in the changing domestic and international operating environment.
  • To enhance the students’ personal abilities to succeed as an innovator, reformer and developer of an organisation.
  • To improve the students’ abilities to develop and manage business processes and to take an entrepreneurial approach.
  • To promote international networking of working life and higher education.


Information for Applicants

Master’s studies at a university of applied sciences are a natural extension to a Bachelor’s Degree. Masters degree in a university of applied sciences is a higher professional degree programme providing graduates with equal eligibility to that of the masters degree in a research university.

The Entrance examination will be organized online.

The Entrance is based on entrance examination courses arranged in spring 2023. (Please note that there is a separate entrance examination course for part-time/online and full-time/in-campus programmes.)

Forms of Learning

Degree Programme in Sustainable Business Management is taught in English. Studying is strongly based on working life. RDI projects and assignments characterise the learning process. The Master’s Thesis that involves an extensive development assignment for a working life will be part of the studies from the beginning. Cooperation with partner universities and visiting lecturers from all around the world add to the international focus of the studies.

The programme was awarded NIBS International Accreditation for a period of 5 years from May 2018. The programme has achieved a very satisfactory level of internationalisation and excels in several key areas.

For Employers: Benefit from Your Employee's Master's Degree

A chance to make the most out of the know-how of your staff: Master’s studies at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.


Master's Studies

Studies offer you, as an employer, a chance to benefit from the development assignments your employee will complete in your organization as a part of the studies. They are an excellent path for your personnel to update and expand their skills in managing demanding tasks involving research and development, leadership and planning. Studies lead to a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, which offers the same qualifications as a university-level Master’s Degree, but is more closely connected with working life.

Master’s studies are aimed for professionals with a Bachelor’s Degree, for whom they form a natural extension in academic and working life. The applicants must have an applicable Bachelor’s Degree and at least two years of work experience within the specific field of study after graduation.

What It's All About

Master’s studies are firmly based on working experience and practice and connected to working life. While your staff member is participating in the degree programme, you can make good use of the experts of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences via work-related study assignments that relate to developing the activities of your company or community. The study process culminates in the Master’s Thesis that involves a more extensive development assignment in your organization.

The themes of the Master’s studies stem from working life. This means that the issues under developmental examination during the co-operative study process rise from the needs of the company. Both the student and the company have the opportunity to create peer networks and to extend them to other fields as well. As the expertise of the student grows and evolves, it gives the company a stronger competitive position and a chance to renew itself.


Double Degree

Students have a possibility for taking a double degree at Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society from Germany. When graduating, an international double degree will give you a degree certificate both from SAMK as well as from an international partner institution.


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SAMK Master’s Degree Programme on Business Administration focuses on company administration and entrepreneurship. The Degree Programme’s full name is Business Management and Entrepreneurship (BME). The programme is very suitable for international students since 90 % of the studies are completed online.
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