A summer aerial view of the Pori campus and its surroundings.

Arriving at SAMK Campus Pori

It is easy to come to our campus

It is easy to get to the campus either by car or by public transport. There is also a travel centre (railway station and bus station) near the Pori campus, located at Asema-aukio. Parking in the campus yard is subject to a fee. In Pori, you can easily get around by local bus (Cityliikenne).


Public transport

Taking the train
There are train connections between Helsinki-Vantaa airport and Pori. For detailed timetables and price information, please visit the webpage VR. The railway station is located right next to the campus.

Taking the bus
There are connections between almost all the cities in Finland and buses drive every day. Matkahuolto and Onnibus.com bus companies provide connections from Helsinki to Pori. For detailed timetables and price information, please visit the webpages. Pori Matkakeskus is located right in front of the campus.

Taking the plane
Most international flights to Finland arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Turku and Tampere are also possible destinations and are located near Pori. You can also fly to Pori from Helsinki. For detailed timetables and price information, please visit the webpage. Pori Airport is about 1.5 km from the campus.

A winter aerial view of the campus and its surroundings.


Parking at the Pori campus

You can leave your own car to the nearest parking places. Parking next to the campus (Zone A) is subject to a charge from 08:00 to 16:00 Mon-Fri. The area can be used by everyone with the EasyPark and ParkMan parking apps (hourly rate). 1-hour parking spaces are for K-Supermarket Campus and Campus Pharmacy customers only.

There are now four new type2 electric car charging points in the courtyard of the Pori campus. To use the charging points, you need to register for the Plugit system. Parking at the charging points is free of charge for 2 hours with a parking disc. A separate charge for charging an electric car is displayed on the mobile app.

More information at https://app.plugitcloud.com/

Local transport

Moving around the city Pori

We recommend using Cityliikenne’s low-floor minibuses for transport between the travel centre and the hotels in the city centre. The fare is €1 per direction.

The Citybuses run every 15 minutes.

Route: Central Hospital – Travel Centre, Pier 1 (SAMK, railway station, bus station) – Central Square (Amado, Cumulus, Scandic) – Market Square, Pier 10 (Sokos Hotel) – Puuvilla – Market Square, Pier 7 (Sokos Hotel) – Central Square (Amado, Cumulus, Scandic) – Travel Centre, Pier 7 (SAMK, railway station, bus station) – Central Hospital.

You can also use taxi as a transfer. You can get a taxi from a taxi rank or by telephone – in Pori, the taxi service number is 0600 30033. The charges are according to a tariff, based on the distance driven.