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Alumni activities are a connection between SAMK and its graduates.

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What are alumni activities?

SAMK hopes its alumni to be proud of their alma mater and to be willing to develop SAMK further. SAMK offers services to its alumni and a partnership e.g. with the alumni’s companies and employers. We are happy to tell about our alumni’s lives and careers also through our communication channels. You can contact our Communication Services at viestinta.samk@samk.fi.

Make good use of the social media networks for the alumni

There are several meeting places for SAMK graduates in the social media, for example:

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Career monitoring survey

A career monitoring survey is organised annually in autumn for graduates from universities of applied sciences five years earlier, with the aim of assessing their employment situation and satisfaction with their degree.

The results of the survey are used, for example, in the planning of study modules and in the development of education. The survey is carried out by the universities of applied sciences and Research Foundation for Studies and Education Otus.

Respondents will be approached by e-mail and SMS. The e-mail will be sent from uraseurannat@arvokyselyt.fi and the SMS will be sent under the name of SAMK.

The career monitoring survey plays an important role in the development of education and career guidance for students. The responses are used to help current students in their career reflection and to develop future UAS education to be more and more work-oriented.

A career monitoring survey for 2017 graduates has ended. Thank you for your answers.

For more information about the survey, visit the Career Tracking for Universities of Applied Sciences (at amk-uraseuranta.turkuamk.fi) page.


2021 Career monitoring survey summarised

  • Organised for 2016 graduates.
  • For SAMK, 390 of the targeted alumni (38%) responded.
  • 343 of the respondents worked in Satakunta.
  • Of the respondents, 71% were continuously employed after graduation.
  • 78% of the respondents were working in a field corresponding to their degree.
  • 29% of respondents were working in customer or patient care,16% in management or front-line positions and 12% in planning, development and/or administration.
  • 23% of respondents were very satisfied and 39% were satisfied with their degree.
  • 31% of respondents were very satisfied and 40% were satisfied with the Master's degree.

More information on the results of the career monitoring surveys can be found on the Education Statistics Finland Vipunen (at https://vipunen.fi/en-gb/).

Thank you for your answers


Alumni Ahmed Mohamed.
| Career story

Alumni Ahmed Mohamed has studied and worked around the world

Ahmed Mohamed has a varied and interesting educational and professional background. He studied for his first higher education degree at SAMK in the 90s.
Dubai Creek
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Our Students Will Be Employed: A SAMK Degree Completed from Dubai Helped Adrienn Irmálos Find a Job of Her Dreams in Barcelona

SAMK Master’s Degree Programme on Business Administration focuses on company administration and entrepreneurship. The Degree Programme’s full name is Business Management and Entrepreneurship (BME). The programme is very suitable for international students since 90 % of the studies are completed online.