Welcome, our graduates

Alumni activities are a connection between SAMK and its graduates.

By subscribing to SAMK's alumni newsletter, you will be the first to hear about the news and opportunities from SAMK. The News Bulletin provides information on events and news. Have you thought about Open Studies, joined the alumni networks and read texts from our Alumni Blog?

In celebration of SAMK's 30th anniversary, alumni can study at SAMK's single Open Studies free of charge until the end of 2022 (code AV100). Apply now (note: select language).

What are alumni activities?

SAMK hopes its alumni to be proud of their alma mater and to be willing to develop SAMK further. SAMK offers services to its alumni and a partnership e.g. with the alumni’s companies and employers. We are happy to tell about our alumni’s lives and careers also through our communication channels. You can contact our Communication Services at viestinta.samk@samk.fi.

Make good use of the social media networks for the alumni

There are several meeting places for SAMK graduates in the social media, for example:

SAMK Alumni, LinkedIn

SAMK Alumni, Facebook

Physiotherapy Alumni, Facebook

Tourism Alumni, Facebook


Dubai Creek
| Career story

Our Students Will Be Employed: A SAMK Degree Completed from Dubai Helped Adrienn Irmálos Find a Job of Her Dreams in Barcelona

SAMK Master’s Degree Programme on Business Administration focuses on company administration and entrepreneurship. The Degree Programme’s full name is Business Management and Entrepreneurship (BME). The programme is very suitable for international students since 90 % of the studies are completed online.
SAMK's maritime simulator.
| Seafaring

Our Students Will Be Employed: A Captain and a Student – Dmitry Chutchev Completed His Master’s Degree while at Sea

Master of Maritime Management is a higher education degree intended for sea captains and marine engineers. Dmitry Chutchev has been working on ships since he graduated from the University of Water Transport in Saint Petersburg with a Marine Navigation degree in 1996.