What you need to know about Alma – the new library services platform

SAMK Library has implemented a new library services platform, Alma, in December 2019. The familiar Finna website samk.finna.fi will remain.

4.2.2020 | By: SAMK LIBRARY

Alma-sivusto, Alma website.

SAMK Library has implemented a new library services platform, Alma, in December 2019. The familiar Finna website samk.finna.fi will remain as the search service for the library users. The launching of a new library system has brought various changes both in the library customer services and in the library's internal processes.

What's new

The maximum renewal loan period is one year. The number of renewals will not be limited but the total time can't exceed 12 months.

SAMK students' contact information, including SAMK e-mail address, is automatically updated from the student administration information system to the library system.

Request notices, loan receipts, overdue notices and other messages will be sent by e-mail. Receipts are no longer printed at the service desk. A due date reminder on Finna is not needed anymore. The reminder notices will be automatically sent to all customers.

SAMK students and staff will continue to log in to Finna with SAMK ID. Other library customers use their e-mail to log in. The library card number and password are no longer used to log in.

Borrowing, picking up holds and using the Rauma self-service library can be done with a plastic library card or Finna digital library card as before.

Old links to books, magazines, and databases copied from Finna's address bar should be updated. The links have changed.

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