Practical training for health care and social services students in spring 2020

18.3.2020 | By: Tiina Savola

Internal bulletin sent for the health care and social services students about practical training, spring 2020

The clinical practice/practical training periods of health care and social services students will be cancelled during spring term 2020 and instead studies belonging to the curriculum will be offered as online studies. The aim is that the cancelled practical training periods will be implemented during autumn 2020. Information about upcoming online studies will be given as soon as possible.

  1. The ongoing practical training periods will continue, if the organization is ready to continue the practical training until the end.
  2. Instead of practical training during the spring, theoretical studies will be studied so that the progress of studies will not be delayed.
  3. Practical training coordinators will inform practical training placement organizations that there will be no students coming to do their practical training.
  4. Attention will also be paid to graduating students and their graduation should not be delayed because of the state of emergency.
  5. Soteekki does not function on the campus during the spring. The personnel and supervising teachers of Soteekki will guide the students on how to progress their studies.

The situation may change and new instructions given.

Tiina Savola, Dean, Faculty of Health and Welfare
Maarit Harjanne, Team Leader, Nursing
Erja Hannula, Team Leader, Nursing
Merja Sallinen, Team Leader, Rehabilitation Counselling and Physiotherapy
Kari Rajaniemi, Team Leader, Social Services and Elderly Care

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