Practical information

Practical information for admitted students

Admitted students

Notification of admission

All admitted students will get a personal notification of admission latest by the end of June 2018.

Students will be informed about being accepted as student by e-mail as soon as possible, starting in May. Every applicant will be sent an e-mail about their result by the end of June 2018.

Residence permit and Host country formalities

Residence permit

Depending on the nationality and the period of your stay, you may need a residence permit to live in Finland. Every foreign student is required to have a valid health insurance when applying for a residence permit if the studying period lasts for more than 3 months.

Students from EEU/EEA Countries
If you are an EU/EEA citizen, you do not need a residence permit. However, you must register your right to reside in Finland if your stay lasts longer than 3 months. This should be done within 1 week after arrival at the local police station in Finland.

Students from Nordic countries
If you are a Nordic citizen, you do not need a residence permit or a visa for studies in Finland. However, if you are staying in Finland for more than 3 months, you have to get the Joint Nordic Document of Moving from the local Register Office (Maistraatti).

Students from non EU/EEA countries and non-Nordic countries
If you are neither an EU/EEA citizen nor a Nordic citizen, you need a visa or residence permit, if you are going to stay in Finland for more than 3 months.

More information:
The Finnish Immigration Service
The Finnish Consulate
Information about visa

Health care and health insurance

EU and EEA students are permitted to the same social welfare benefits in Finland as Finns. Students who are citizens of the EU/EEA countries are advised to obtain the European Health Insurance Card from their local health insurance office before arriving in Finland.

All non EU/EEA students in Finland are required to have a valid health insurance when applying for a residence permit if the studying period lasts for more than 3 months.



There are several student houses available for the students of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in Pori. Private brokers of rental apartments for example

Porin YH-Asunnot

Vuokra-lukaali Apartments


Students on Rauma campus will search their accommodation from private markets. Information about available housing options will be provided by their International Relations Secretary, Ms. Saija Arslan, The rent varies according to the size, location and facilities of the chosen apartment.

How to get there

By plane

Most international flights to Finland arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa airport from where there are domestic flight, train and bus connections to other Finnish towns. Turku and Tampere are also possible destinations and are located near Pori and Rauma.

Blue 1

By bus

For those landing at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, there is a bus service available from the airport to Pori and Rauma on a daily basis. Buses leave in front of the terminal.

Timetable and prices: Matkahuolto

By train

There are several train connections between Helsinki and Pori every day. To get the Railway Station in Helsinki from the airport, you can take the train or bus. When travelling to Pori you should change trains in Tampere. 

Timetables and prices: VR

By ferry

It is also possible to travel to Finland by ferry from Sweden, Estonia, Germany, and Poland.

Silja Line (Stockholm, Tallinn, Germany)
Viking Line (Stockholm, Tallin)

When reserving and buying the tickets remember to ask about the student discounts!

Cost of living

You should make sure to have enough money to support yourself during the studies.

The average cost of living is estimated to be 550–700€ / month including rent (300€), food (200€), public transportation (50€), hobbies and leisure time (250€). There will be some costs for study materials. You may have to buy some books, although quite many of them can be borrowed from the SAMK libraries.

Part-time working while studying might be an option to cover your expenses. Studying at SAMK does not exclude the possibility of taking a part-time job in the evenings and over the week-ends. Of course, this can be strenuous and may interfere with your studies. It may also be difficult to find employment in Finland, especially if you do not speak Finnish. Because of this, you should not rely on finding a job to support your studies financially.

AHOT procedure – identification and recognition of competence

AHOT procedure

The process of the identification and recognition of competences (AHOT) is a procedure, through which the student can get earlier studies or competences or for example work experience included in the degree. Students don’t have to study again skills or other things they have studied/acquired earlier or during the present studies.

Students can apply for identification and recognition of competence throughout their studies and the academic year. There is no limit for the number of credits which can be identified and recognised. However, the thesis remains outside this process. AHOT procedure is always initiated by the student. 

For every degree programme, there is a designated person who is in charge of receiving the applications. Information on this person shall be provided by the Degree Programme Coordinator.