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Practical information for incoming exchange students

Tips and practical info on preparing for the exchange period

Welcome to SAMK! Now that you have been admitted to SAMK, you can start to prepare yourself for the exchange period in Finland. Below you will find important information concerning practical matters.

One of our exchange students commented on their experience by saying: "My experience at SAMK was amazing. I will keep it for the rest of my life!"


Right of residence and residence permit

  • EU/EEA students do not need a residence permit before arrival. However, as you will be staying in Finland for over three months, you will have to register your right of residence once you arrive. The registration should be done within three months of your arrival with the Finnish Immigration Service. Citizens of a Nordic country register their right of residence at the local office of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.
  • More information at Finnish Immigration Service’s website.
  • Non-EU/EEA students need a residence permit for studies. Remember that you must personally visit a Finnish embassy or consulate as part of this process. Start your residence permit process as soon as possible after you have received the information on acceptance. Follow carefully the immigration authorities’ instructions and regulations, so that you can receive your permit in good time before your studies begin. When applying for your permit, remember to apply for Finnish social security number at the same time.
  • More information at Finnish Immigration Service’s website.
  • You can also check the website of the Finnish embassy for any country-specific instructions.

Identity code

Finnish personal identity code

You will need a Finnish social security number from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV). Having this number is essential for you, no matter how long you stay. You need it in order to be issued the Transcript of Records and other important Erasmus+ documents concerning your stay at SAMK.

Students from EU/EEA countries

When you register your right of residence at MIGRI, please also ask to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System. By doing so, you will receive a Finnish personal identity code, which is compulsory to have. See registration of a foreign student at DVV.

Students from Nordic countries

You receive a Finnish personal identity code after you register your right of residence at the DVV office. See registration of a foreign student at DVV.

Students from non-EU/EEA countries

If you come from a non-EU/EEA country, you should ask to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System when you apply for your residence permit. By doing so, you will receive a Finnish identity code upon being granted a residence permit.


Remember to check your insurance policy

Please check the insurance policy of your home university. We strongly recommend that you get a proper international health insurance. Students coming from EU/EEA countries should request a European health insurance card from their home country.

SAMK has an accident insurance for incoming exchange students. The insurance covers accidents occurred during student’s studies and direct travel between the campus and place of accommodation.

Students coming from non-EU/EEA countries should have a certain insurance required by Finnish Immigration Services when applying for their residence permit. More information and requirements on Finnish Immigration Service’s website.


Different options in different cities

There are several options available. The rent varies according to the size, location and facilities of the chosen apartment. It is also possible to share an apartment. The apartment can be located quite close to the campus so the student can use a bike or go by walk to the campus.

Private brokers of rental apartments are for example:


The International Relations Secretary of the SAMK Campus Pori assists exchange students from partner universities in finding accommodation but the apartment needs to be rented by the student from private housing market.

Torget has special prices for SAMK students, please contact You can stay in Torget either for a short or a long time. One option is that you reserve a room for a short period of time and familiarise yourself with Pori and then look for a long-term option elsewhere. For more information, please visit Torget’s website.

Porin YH-asunnot
If you choose to stay at Porin YH-asunnot, please apply accommodation through this link.
You can change the language of the form from the bottom right corner. You can choose just Next from the bottom of the page to fill in the application form (or if you already know for example that you are searching for a 2-room apartment, select that and press Next). Add to the application form that you are a “SAMK exchange student”. Fore more information, please visit Porin YH-asunnot website.

Vuokralukaali has a diverse selection of rental accommodation from Pori. Please visit their website for more information and if you have any questions, contact directly Siiri Sillanpää, or Juha Virén, For more information, please visit Vuokralukaali’s website


Exchange students and Double Degree students in SAMK Campus Rauma can rent a room from Old Station. The rent varies according to the size of the room and if it is a single, double or triple room. More information and pictures of different options available from or +358 400 469 582 WhatsApp.

If Old Station is full, the International Relations Secretary of SAMK Campus Rauma assists you in finding accommodation from private housing markets.


Housing will be arranged for you by SAMK. The students’ dormitory is situated in the center of Kankaanpää.

The apartment consists of two rooms (one/student), a kitchen and bathroom. The average rent is 170 euros a month + 15 euros water bill. If you want to share your room with some other student, both students will pay 85 euros + 15 water bill. Rooms are furnished (bed, blanket, pillow, desk, chair, and closet). Bed linen are not included, but you can rent bed linen from Sataedu. Internet connection is available upon request for a small fee.


SAMK is committed to providing an equal and accessible university environment for every student

Special attention is paid to barriers to learning and special arrangements are made to support students with special needs.

Please contact the international office to notify SAMK well in advance for special arrangements.

You should bring along an official certificate of the need for learning support.

For information on accessibility issues in SAMK, please visit our pages on Accessibility issues in studies.


In SAMK every international student has a tutor who helps you with issues regarding your stay and studies. Tutors are Finnish or international degree students of SAMK. You will be contacted by your tutor a few weeks before you come. You can ask him or her about practical matters on your stay.

Please note that the tutor will most likely be able to help you if you arrive during weekdays between 8.00 in the morning – 22.00 in the evening. They are tutoring other international students at the same time which means that sometimes they might be busy but do not worry, everything will work out for the best!

Tutors will arrange free time activities and trips for you, together with the student union SAMMAKKO. You can also suggest travel destinations or activities that you would wish to experience once in Finland!

By joining the student union SAMMAKKO you will receive the student card with discounts and benefits around Satakunta. For more information, please visit the SAMMAKKO website!


Arrival information to SoleMove

Once you know when you will be arriving to SAMK, please remember to update your arrival information to SoleMOVE. That way we can inform the tutors about your arrival as well!

Green Erasmus+

    • Ferries from other European countries arrive to Helsinki and Turku harbour from where you can continue to Pori and Rauma by train or bus.

    • Campuses are close to bus and train stations.

Contact us

International Relations Office
Satakunnankatu 23, 28130 Pori
Satamakatu 26 / Suojantie 2, 26100 Rauma
Postal address
P.O. Box 1001, FI-28101 Pori, Finland
P.O. Box 211, FI-26101 Rauma, Finland
Opening hours

The International Office on SAMK Campus Pori is open from Monday to Friday at 8.00-15.00.

The International Office on SAMK Campus Rauma is open from Monday to Friday at 9.00-15.00.

You can also contact us via email or by phone.