Accepting a study place is always binding, but students can resign from the University of Applied Sciences at any time of the academic year. Student can resign from his or her studies by filling a Resignation form on eServices. If student isn’t able to log in to eServices, he or she can send a Notice of Resignation via email to

If you need a Certificate of Resignation and Transcript of Records, please mention it in your Notice of Resignation. If you only need a Transcript of Records and can log in to LOKI, you can also save the Transcript of Records directly from LOKI before resigning.

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Think twice before you leave

You can also change your degree programme within SAMK!
Transferring to another programme
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Continue your studies at Open UAS

At the Open University of Applied Sciences, you can study a wide range of courses in different fields and study with a low threshold according to your interests.
Open UAS studies