Practical Training

Practical training is an important part of the degree.

Practical training has a learning goal

The aim of the practical training is to familiarize the student, under supervision, with the most essential practical work assignments and with application of knowledge and skills in the working life.

Degree programmes have different practical training extents

The goals, contents, implementation and evaluation of practical training are defined by the degree programmes. The extent of the practical training varies between 30 – 85 credits.

Compensation also possible

The student can compensate a practical training included in the degree with a pre-study practical training or work experience with similar contents, or with work experience during the studies.

International practical training brushes up language skills and improves the CV

International practice is a way to combine the practical training of the studies with accumulation of international experience. The practice takes places in your own field and tasks corresponding to your education.

International practice brushes up your language skills and cultural awareness, improves your CV and gives you competitive advantage when applying for a job.

The placement is worth looking for independently, according to your own knowledge and interests.  Tips can be asked from SAMK staff responsible for the practice or from the international coordinators. The Finnish National Agency for Education provides also international placements.

Students at SAMK have the possibility to apply for a grant for a practice abroad.

For more information, please check the Oiva intranet.

Faculty of Health and Welfare

Instructions and materials on clinical practice.

Jobs and training positions on Slice Wanted

All the jobs and training positions informed to SAMK students can be found on Slice Wanted -service.